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coo %-� T-­$ 4-- ;L 10 <br />0 <br />A Ric-SOLUTION ADOPTING THE WEST 11TH COMMERCIAL LAND USE POLICY AND <br />REFINING THE EUGENE-SPRJINGFIELD METROPOLITAN AREA GENERAL PLAN ' <br />C I Concil she Cit of Eu finds that <br />The 't u of I LI L <br />1. The Eu Metropolitan Area General Plan desi a <br />portion of West 11th Avenue in the vicinit of Seneca as bein an <br />existin strip commercial area. <br />2. The Plan text states that existin strip commercial areas should b <br />"'limited to exist*n locations and not expanded into adjacent i <br />3. Over the last several y ears, the Eu Plannin Commission and Cit <br />Council have conslidered a number o zone chan re for a <br />chan rom industrial to commercial zonin alon this portion of <br />West 11th Avenue. <br />4. in these recuests, the Commission and Council have throu their <br />zone chan decisions refined the limits of the existin stri <br />'p <br />commercial area and arrived at a boundary between strip commercial <br />and the surroundin industrial area <br />Januar 18, 1984 <br />ti. On at a joi nt meeti n of the Cit Counc I a n d <br />Pl ann i n Commi s, s'*,, on, the P1 ann i n staff was di rected to return to <br />the Plannin Commission and Cit Council with a land use polic that <br />would outline the limits of the existin West 11th strip commercial <br />area as refined in the various zone chan actions that have <br />occurred in this vicinit <br />Now, therfore, based upon the above findin and actionsl <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EUGENE, a Municipal <br />r <br />poration of the State of Ore as follows: <br />Section 1. The attached report to the Cit Council and Plannin <br />Commission titled "West 11th Avenue Strip Commercial Policy" is hereb <br />fur ther en ion oT e exi sti n West 11-th strip <br />adopted as a fu r h dfi ti the U. L_ <br />commercial area and shall act to g uide land use implementation in this <br />area. <br />Section 2. The attached map titled West 11th Commercial Land Use Polic <br />is adopted as Cat refinement to the Eu Metropolitan Area <br />General Plan. <br />Section 3. The City Council adopts additional findin the supportin <br />text, maps, staff reports, and minutes of the City Council and Plannin I$ <br />Commission meetin where the various zone chan re as outlined i <br />the attached report were discussed and acted upon. I <br />