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7=8g- /6s <br />RESOLUTION NO. � IF- 0 <br />RES OLUTION CONCERNING TRANSIENT ROOM M TAX <br />FUNDS AND REPEALING RESOLUTION N <br />The C ity Counc of the City of Eugene f inds that: <br />The C ounc currently . and n the past, has establ <br />guidelines and provided for specific allocations of transient <br />room tax funds by Resolution. <br />Cons ideration of the allocation of transient room tax <br />funds occurs during the City's annual budget process, is reviewed <br />and approved by both the Budget C ommittee and the Council, and <br />the Council has determined that this s the appropriate process <br />for determining policy issues with respect to transient oox tax <br />fund allocations. <br />3a, I would therefore b in the p ublic interest and <br />eli minate duplication to repeal. Resolution No, 4 089 an p rovide <br />that commencin wite the fis cal y ear 1989 transient room tax <br />al locations will b e established through the City's annual budget <br />process,. <br />NOW, THEREFORE <br />E IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY of EUGER , <br />Municipal Corporation of the State of Oregon, as follows: <br />Section 1. Resolution no 4089, and any other Resolution in <br />conflict herewith hereby repealed, effective as of midnight, <br />June 3 0, 1989. <br />Section 2 ' * Commencing with the l y ear 1989-9 annual <br />allocations of transient room t ax funds sha b e establishe <br />through the City's annual budget process review and adoption. <br />The forego R eso l ution adopted the 12th day of June 1989 <br />City Recorder <br />Resolutio <br />