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79 <br />C ;)--- cc) <br />uiEssoLu=rIox xo. E <br />RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE EUGEME PARKS AND RECREATION <br />Pte' AND REPEALING CITY of EUGENE RESOLUTION NOS* 3774 <br />3877 3937 4 000 0 , AND 4053 <br />The city CounclLl of the City of Eugene finds as follows <br />1 The City Coz . <br />adopted the Parks and R o a io n <br />Master Plan by Eugene Resolution No 3774 on May 9, 1983. The <br />purp ose of the plan was to provide " and recommendations t <br />. [for] use in providing parks and recreational services and <br />facilities for the next 20 years „” RMP p, Changes were <br />adopted o th P RMP b y Eugene Re Nos* 38 3 9 7, 4000, <br />and 4 053 during 19 - 19870 <br />process to update the Park and ecrea io Master <br />P lan began a nua y f 1988 b y action of the Eugene Joint Park <br />committee, The significant citizen involvement and governmental <br />coordination aspects of i.s update process include <br />a. Expans of the m embership of the Joint P arks <br />committee from eight t o fourteen members to obtain a more <br />varied from community, e h o boo e, <br />va e ec ea ion p ovide and other �. ,fieo e ove � e ; <br />, <br />bo Expansion of the Plan study area to include the <br />Glenwood, River Road and Santa Clara areas; <br />C* Significant community and neighborhood involveme <br />through a series of community forums in June and July, 1988. <br />After n otice to neighborhood groups and the public, over 100 <br />persons attended a series of meetings and commented on <br />needed park s chances and improvements and on the <br />t entative dra piano From these meetings, 125 suggestions <br />and comments were submitted to the Joint Parks Comm,ee ; <br />After d evelopment of a final craft Plan update in <br />January, 1989 and provision of the craft to Interested <br />persons, public hearings were held before the Joint Parks <br />Committee on March 14, 1989, and before the Eugene Planning <br />Commission on June 6, 1989. These public hearings and work <br />sessions produced further changes and refinements to the <br />draft Plan by those bodies. <br />e. The craft Parke and Recreation Plan R was sent t <br />the Department of Land Conservation and Development on May <br />1 2 f 1989 for comment and post - acknowledgement review The <br />draft p lan was sent to the planning directors for Lane <br />RESOLUTION <br />