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Eugene City Council <br />Harris Hall, 125 East 81h Avenue <br />Eugene, Oregon 97401 <br />October 17, 2016 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />Councilors Present: George Brown, Betty Taylor, Alan Zelenka, Mike Clark via phone, Greg Evans, Claire <br />Syrett via phone, Chris Pryor <br />Councilors Absent: George Poling <br />Mayor Piercy opened the October 17, 2016, work session of the Eugene City Council. <br />1. WORK SESSION: Sustainability Commission Work Plan and Annual Report <br />Sustainability Commission Chair Howard Saxion and Division Manager Mia Cariaga discussed the <br />Sustainability Commission's FYI annual report and FYI work plan. <br />Council discussion: <br />• The hard work and commitment of the commission is greatly appreciated. <br />• Suggest having someone come talk to the commission about economic development. <br />• Council and public needs an up-to-date list of commission members and their wards. <br />• Vacancies on the commission are an issue; filling them should be a priority. <br />• Dashboard on climate progress and updates to the community is a great idea. <br />• The work plan process for streamlining efforts could be a model for other commissions. <br />• Council needs to ask for more advice and input from commission on decisions <br />• Element of social equity is missing; needs to be included in commission's work. <br />• Commission's input on the Beltline expansion/scenario plans is needed. <br />MOTION AND VOTE: Councilor Evans, seconded by Councilor Zelenka, moved to approve <br />the Sustainability Commission FYI work plan with the addition of explicit research and <br />actions related to social equity resubmitted to the council. PASSED 7:0. <br />2. WORK SESSION: Downtown Placemaking Initiative <br />Senior Planner Nan Laurence and Urban Design Planner Will Dowdy gave a PowerPoint <br />presentation discussing direction from City Council, activities, what was learned, and key next <br />steps. <br />Council discussion: <br />• Need to take this focus on places and people into discussions with the County. <br />• Meaningful conversation about the future of the heart of downtown is needed. <br />• Conversation about heart of downtown and the location of the seat of government is <br />intertwined. <br />MINUTES — Eugene City Council October 17, 2016 Page 1 <br />Work Session <br />