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<br /> . <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> e July 8,1976 <br /> Special meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order <br /> by His Honor Mayor Lester E.Anderson at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber for the purpose <br /> of presentation and first public hearing with regard to Downtown Eugene Retail Analysis <br /> (Keyser Marston Associates) and Downtown Westside Study (John Blayney Associates). <br /> Council members present were: Gus Keller, Eric Haws, Wickes Beal, Neil Murray, Ray <br /> Bradley, D. W. Hamel, and Edna Shirey. Councilman Tom Williams was absent. <br /> Mayor Anderson noted the presence of members of the Downtown Development <br /> Board, Eugene Renewal Agency, Downtown Westside Neighborhood Association, <br /> and Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. <br /> Manager said the presentations related to consideration of issues and proposal for con- <br /> tinuing redevelopment of downtown Eugene - commercial areas by Jerry Keyser, and land <br /> use and transportation patterns west of the downtown business area by John Blayney. <br /> Jim Saul, planner, reviewed background of the two studies - the Keyser study authorized <br /> by the Renewal Agency, the Blayney study authorized by the Council, both distributed to <br /> Council members. Both studies resulted from the major central Eugene project, the <br /> Keyser study being the first major study of retail sales activity in the downtown area <br /> since completion of the renewal project. The Blayney report, he said, deals with the <br /> area immediately west of the business district - between Charnel ton and Jefferson, <br /> 7th and 13th - an area having a history of conversion to commercial zoning but indicated <br /> for high-density residential use in the present General Plan. Mr. Saul said that two <br /> e recommendations coming from a previous study conducted by Blayney called for expanding <br /> the renewal project to the west by development of a downtown mall between Charnel ton <br /> - and Lincoln, and to give consideration to developing high-density apartments immediately <br /> to the west of that development. Because of those recommendations, a refinement study <br /> of that area was initiated after which, through the Housing and Community Development <br /> Commission, the current study was authorized. Mr.Saul noted Council direction for study <br /> of alternatives between retention of existing zoning pattern and continuation of <br /> present development trends, or maximum commercial or maximum residential development. <br /> Also, an evaluation and assessment of the impacts of those alternatives. That study <br /> is the subject of Blayney's presentation at this meeting, he said, noting that the <br /> Keyser and Blayney reports each complimented the other. <br /> Jerry Keyser said his study covered an analysis of the downtown retail market, one <br /> that covered familiar ground. The goals established early in the downtown project were <br /> to attract major retailers. However, that type of expansion has occurred outside the <br /> downtown area in the Valley River Center which now has four major department stores. <br /> As a result, he said, the downtown area has fallen behind in retail sales in this <br /> market area, this in spite of overall market growth. Mr. Keyser said that one major <br /> conclusion of the analysis was that, in this market, by 1980 or shortly thereafter <br /> another store can be attracted into this area, also more small shop space can be sup- <br /> ported. This conclusion was also reached in the Blayney study, given the expiration <br /> of the J. C. Penney lease downtown in the next year or so, with the expectation that <br /> pressure will start about 1980 for an additional shopping center to develop with at <br /> least two and maybe three additional department stores, depending upon the size. <br /> In terms of the downtown area, he said, that was an important conclusion, because it <br /> - brings the question of where such a shopping center will develop. <br /> Mr. Keyser continued that the alternatives then are to identify conditions that will <br /> - <br /> bring major retailers to the downtown area by expanding current facilities to provide <br /> assurance that the downtown area will be competitive with a major regional shopping <br /> 3~ 7/8/76 - 1 <br />