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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />Harris Hall, 125 East 8h Avenue <br />Eugene, Oregon 97401 <br />February 24, 2020 <br />7:30 p.m. <br />Councilors Present: Emily Semple, Betty Taylor, Alan Zelenka, Jennifer Yeh, Mike Clark, Greg Evans, <br />Chris Pryor <br />Councilor Absent: Claire Syrett <br />Mayor Vinis opened the February 24, 2020, meeting of the Eugene City Council. <br />1. Committee Reports and Items of Interest <br />Discussion <br />Mayor Vinis - extended an apology related to her interview with KVAL about the City <br />Prosecutor's Elk Horn Brewery decision, noting she should have used the prosecutor's <br />words instead of her own because the language she used was not accurate; clarified her <br />position that she did not believe the protest was fair or appropriate; said she appreciates <br />the frustration and anger felt by Eugene businesses and she's committed to working with <br />them to have better conversations and find a productive path forward. <br />Councilor Semple - said she had a field trip to the Westside Church on 18th and Chambers <br />where they have a homeless services program that, while not perfect, may be emulated <br />elsewhere; explained they have a group of homeless individuals who are allowed to sleep on <br />the porch and they each sign a letter saying they will attend meetings and work on projects <br />and community service; said she's happy to see different people working together and <br />building trust. <br />Councilor Taylor - said she wanted to correct an impression that came from a Register - <br />Guard article that reported four councilors voted to create rental property on top of a new <br />city hall, which was not the case; said these councilors voted to build city hall with <br />additional floors for staff that are currently in leased space downtown. <br />Councilor Pryor - shared his perspective on what occurred at the Elk Horn Brewery; noted <br />that the prosecutor said the evidence wasn't clear enough for the case to be successfully <br />prosecuted; encouraged council to be more clear in identifying behavior that is intimating <br />or harassing so the rules are in place to prosecute that behavior in the future; said he does <br />not want to regulate words, but behavior; said if people wish to protest, that is welcomed, <br />but illegal or inappropriate behavior is not; encouraged making the ordinance more clear to <br />regulate this kind of behavior. <br />Councilor Clark - said everything he spoke about last week that made him angry was <br />related to people's behavior, not their status or condition; said the criminal code addresses <br />behavior and that, in reading the code about disturbing the peace, he comes to a different <br />conclusion than the prosecutor - there was a clear violation; asked what the appropriate <br />role of a councilor is when they disagree with a prosecutor's decision; said that he did not <br />think that the decision ended up being in the best interest of community. <br />City Manager Pro Tern Sarah Medary shared an update about a pilot to make free menstrual <br />products available in some public bathrooms throughout the community. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council February 24, 2020 Page 1 <br />Meeting <br />