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RESOLUTION NO. 4801 <br /> <br /> A RESOLUTION CALLING A CITY ELECTION ON <br /> NOVEMBER 2, 2004, FOR THE PURPOSE OF REFERRING <br /> TO THE LEGAL ELECTORS OF THE CITY OF EUGENE <br /> A MEASURE AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF A <br /> MAXIMUM OF $6,790,000 OF GENERAL OBLIGATION <br /> BONDS TO PARTIALLY FUND THE CIVIC CENTER <br /> VISION PROJECT. <br /> <br /> The City Council of the City of Eugene finds that: <br /> <br /> A. The City's Police Headquarters has been located at the present City Hall <br />since it opened in 1964 As the City has grown, so have the functions and needs of the <br />department <br /> <br /> B. Concerns about the ability of City Hall to withstand an earthquake were <br />raised in a 1992 City Facilities Condition Report Additional studies and actions between <br />1995 and 2003 continued to support the need to provide safe and adequate facilities to <br />house Police Department services The Council also created a Council Committee on <br />City Hall Alternatives in 1999 charged with recommending a plan for developing options <br />to relocate functions in City Hall in the event that site was chosen for a new federal <br />courthouse site The Committee's key finding was that the existing City Hall was not an <br />appropriate facility for housing public safety functions due to the seismic vulnerability of <br />its structural systems <br /> <br /> C. Mayor Torrey appointed the Police and Fire Stations Task Force in 2000 <br />to develop a recommendation for the City Council on providing safe and adequate <br />facilities for Police and Fire services One of the most important recommendations of <br />this Task Force was that a new Police facility should be located within the downtown <br />area to best address functional proximity to courts, the jail, and other City offices, service <br />delivery issues, and growth management goals <br /> <br /> D. In April 2001 the Council began to consider a long-range downtown city <br />space plan that would include both long-term and short-term actions that would <br />eventually result in replacement of City Hall, and has held numerous work sessions on <br />this topic over the course of the last three years <br /> <br /> E. Commencing in fiscal year 2001 the Council identified and began to set <br />aside one-time money each year for replacement of downtown City office space In the <br />fiscal year 2003 budget the Council began systematically setting aside funds from <br />department budgets for this purpose <br /> <br />Resolution- 1 <br /> <br /> <br />