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Financial and/or Resource Considerations <br />The funding for design work for the transportation infrastructure has been allocated and federal funding <br />for the project is anticipated to become available this fall. Lane County will provide $1.6 million for the <br />match of the federal funding. <br /> <br />Other Background Information <br />Improvements are to the existing transportation infrastructure and rehabilitation ofwastewater system. <br />The transportation improvements include realignment and construction of new roadways, upgrading <br />existing roadways including stormwater improvements, traffic signals, sidewalks and paths, street trees <br />and other landscaping, lighting, railroad crossing improvements and under-grounding of some utilities. <br /> <br />Properties requiring acquisitions have been identified (see attached map). Adoption of the resolution <br />will empower Public Works Engineering staff to proceed with timely acquisition of necessary rights-of- <br />way. Appraisals will be prepared and negotiations with affected property owners will be conducted <br />consistent with the Federal Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Act and Oregon Revised Statutes. <br />Condemnation proceedings (initiation of court action) will only be used as a last resort if negotiations do <br />not result in a mutually acceptable agreement. Authorization at this time will avoid repeating common <br />steps in the acquisition process if negotiations fail and provides property owners with income tax <br />benefits available to them when properties are sold under threat of condemnation per IRS Code 1033. <br /> <br />Owners of property needed for public projects such as this one are offered just compensation for the <br />required property interests. Just compensation includes the appraised value of all the land and <br />improvements within the acquisition, including consideration of financial damages to the remainder <br />parcel in the case of a partial acquisition. Acquisition procedures, guided by Federal Regulations and <br />Oregon Revised Statues, have been designed to protect both owners of properties needed for public <br />projects as well as the public agency. <br /> <br />Timing <br />The City's goal is to provide transportation infrastructure for the new Federal Courthouse prior to the <br />opening date, projected to be in Spring 2006. Passage of this resolution will provide for more timely <br />and efficient right-of-way acquisition to facilitate completing the project. <br /> <br />OPTIONS <br />The council' s options are to adopt the resolution authorizing the use of eminent domain to acquire the <br />property or to direct staff to continue attempting to negotiate purchase of the property without the power <br />of eminent domain. <br /> <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends that the council adopt the resolution authorizing acquisition through the eminent <br />domain process of needed rights-of-way for the purposes of construction of the infrastructure in the <br />Courthouse District. <br /> <br /> L:\CMO\2004 Council Agendas\M040614\S0406142D.doc <br /> <br /> <br />