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7:30 P.M. CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> City Council Chamber, City Hall <br /> <br /> 1. PUBLIC FORUM <br /> <br /> Mayor: This portion of the meeting provides the opportunity for individuals <br /> to express opinions and to provide information to the City Council. <br /> Comments presented during this segment should be on City-related items, and <br /> not items which have already been heard by a Hearings Official, or on public <br /> hearing items which are on the present agenda. Those wishing to speak <br /> during the Public Forum must submit a completed Request to Speak form to <br /> the information desk, not later than 15 minutes after the beginning of the <br /> meeting or at the close of the public forum, which ever comes first. <br /> <br /> If there are more speakers than can be heard for three minutes each during <br /> the 30-minute Public Forum, staff has been asked to sort the request to speak <br /> forms in order to afford a greater opportunity for a number of topics to be <br /> heard during the Public Forum. If there are a large number of speakers on a <br /> single topic, staff is directed to inter-mix request to speak forms with forms <br /> from persons wishing to speak on a less stated topic. The request to speak <br /> forms, in this case only, will not remain in the original order in which they <br /> were received in order to improve the likelihood that those smaller numbers of <br /> speakers will have an opportunity to speak before the Public Forum is closed. <br /> <br /> Please give your name and address when you come to the podium to speak; <br /> you will have three minutes to comment. The timer and lights on the podium <br /> indicate the time you have to speak..4 yellow light will come on when you <br /> have 15 seconds to complete your comments. The red light indicates the end <br /> of three minutes. <br /> <br /> Mayor closes Public Forum and asks for comments from the City Council. <br /> <br /> 2. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> A. Approval of City Council Minutes: <br /> February 10, 2004, Joint Elected Officials Meeting <br /> May 10, 2004, Work Session <br /> May 10, 2004, City Council Meeting <br /> May 12, 2004, Work Session <br /> B. Approval of Tentative Working Agenda <br /> C. Approval of HOME Investment Partnerships Program Funding for <br /> Low-Income Housing Projects <br /> D. Resolution 4790 Authorizing the Institution of Proceedings in <br /> Eminent Domain for the Acquisition of Property Interests for <br /> Improvements to the Transportation Infrastructure in the Vicinity of <br /> the New Federal Courthouse <br /> <br />Eugene City Council Agenda: June 14, 2004 L:\CMO\2004 Council Agendas\M040614\A040614S.doc <br /> <br /> <br />