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Administrative Order – Page 1 of 2 <br />ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 53-22-08-F <br />of the <br />City Manager of the City of Eugene <br /> <br /> <br />SETTING THE RENTAL HOUSING CODE REGISTRATION AND <br />APPEAL FEE SCHEDULE AND SUPERSEDING THE FEE SCHEDULE <br />ADOPTED BY ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 53-05-03-F. <br /> <br /> <br />The City Manager of the City of Eugene finds as follows: <br /> <br />A. Section 2.020 of the Eugene Code, 1971, authorizes the City Manager to determine <br />and set fees and charges to be imposed by the City for services, goods, use of municipal property, <br />and licenses and permits. Pursuant to that authority, on July 7, 2005, Administrative Order No. <br />53-05-03-F was issued establishing the current Rental Housing Code Registration and Appeal Fee <br />Schedule (“the Fee Schedule”). <br /> <br />B. On August 13, 2022, Ordinance No. 20670 took effect and amended section <br />8.440(2) of the Eugene Code (EC) to provide that the City Manager shall “set a fee for each <br />dwelling unit covered by a rental agreement. The revenues generated by the fee shall be used for <br />the purpose of offsetting the costs to the city associated with the enforcement of this code and costs <br />associated with providing services to tenants and owners and managers of rental housing, including <br />but not limited to: a rental housing navigator position, rental housing data collection, and tenant <br />support services.” I have determined that additional revenues are necessary in order to accomplish <br />the purposes listed in EC 8.440. <br /> <br />C. On September 2, 2022, I issued Administrative Order No. 53-22-08 ordering that <br />notice be given of the opportunity to submit written comments on my proposal to amend the Fee <br />Schedule by setting a new rental housing annual registration fee. The Notice specified that <br />comments on the proposed amendment would be received for 15 days from September 7, 2022, <br />the posting date of the Notice. The written comments received during the public comment period <br />are addressed in the City Manager's Findings Supporting Proposed Rental Housing fees attached <br />as Exhibit B to this Order. <br /> <br />D. Based on my investigation pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.020 of the <br />Eugene Code, 1971, and after considering the comments that were submitted, I find that the fee <br />should be set as proposed. (See Exhibit B to this Order) <br /> <br />E. The unamended Rental Housing Code fees adopted by Administrative Order No. <br />53-05-03-F are incorporated into the Fee Schedule attached as Exhibit A to this Order. <br /> <br /> <br />On the basis of these findings, I order that: <br /> <br />1. The Rental Housing Code Fee Schedule attached as Exhibit A to this Order is the <br />schedule of fees to be charged for the described services as of the effective date of this Order.