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ADMINISTRATIVE DRDER NG. 58-09-04 <br />Public Works Department <br />City of Eugene, Gregon <br />that: <br />REGPENING 'NEST UNIVERSITY PARK AND REPEAL OF <br />ADMINISTRATIVE GRDER NU. 58-95-18. <br />The Executive Director of the Public W orks Department of the City of Eugene finds <br />A. Pursuant to Section 1.003 of the Park Rules, and the authority delegated to the <br />Executive Director of the Public Works Department by Administrative Order No. 21-03-12 of <br />the City Manager, on November 20, 1995, the Executive Director of the Public Works <br />Department issued Administrative artier No. 58-95-1 S ordering the closure of West University <br />Park an 14th Avenue, between Hilyard Street and Patterson Street, effective November 27,1995. <br />B. The Executive Director of the Public Works Department ordered the closure of <br />West University Park the Park} due to illegal activities taking place at the Park which created an <br />atmosphere that was unfit and unsafe for use by residents in the area. The Executive Director <br />further ordered that the Park remain closed while the City and residents of the area explored <br />options far the future use of the Park to serve the residents and employees of the area. <br />C. On September 28, 2x05, the Eugene City Council passed a motion directing the <br />City Manager to execute a property exchange agreement with Robert and Leslie Quinney the <br />Quinneys} that would result in a reconfigured site for the Park. On April 24, 2006, the City and <br />the Quinneys entered into an exchange agreement that resulted in a reconf gored site for the <br />Park. <br />Naw, therefore, based on the above f ndings, which are adopted, <br />IT IS ORDERED THAT: <br />1. Administrative Order No. 58-95-1 S is repealed. <br />2. West University Park, as reconfigured by the April 24, 2006, Exchan e <br />g <br />Agreement between the City and the Quinneys, is reopened as of the effective date of this Order. <br />Dated and effective this ~~~ da ' <br />y of April, 2009, <br />K rt Corey, Exec i e Director <br />Public 'Works De tment <br />Administrative Order--Page 1 of 1 <br />