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ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER Na. 53-09-0~-F <br />. ~ of the <br />City Manager of the City of Eugene <br />AMENDMENT ~ DF THE LAND USE APPLICATIaN FEE SCHEDULE <br />ADOPTED BY ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NHS. 53-05-oS-F AND 53-07- <br />11-F. <br />The City Manager of the City of Eugene finds as follows: <br />A. Section 2.020 and provisions of Chapter 9 of the Eugene, Code, I97I authorize <br />the City Manager to determine and set fees and charges to be imposed by the City for services, <br />goods, use of municipal properly, and.licenses and permits. . <br />B. In accordance with the authority set forth above, the Land Use Application Fee <br />Schedule was adopted by Administrative Order No. 53-05-08-F and, subsequently amended by <br />Administrative Order No. 53-07-11-F. The land use application fees consist of two fee <br />schedules: a Land Use Application Fee Schedule for land use fees applicable ~w~thin the City <br />limits Exhibit A}; and a Land Use Application Fee Schedule for land use fees outside City limits <br />but within the Urban Growth Boundary Exhibit B}. ~ ~ ~ ~ . <br />C. On May 11, 2009, Administrative Order No. 53-09-03 was issued proposing the <br />amendment of Section 1 of the Land Use Application Fee Schedule within the City limits <br />Exhibit A} to add fees far IWQ Water Quality Overlay done adjustment review, correction to <br />map andlor removal of IWQ overlay zone, and standards review. Addition of the fees is <br />necessary in order to recover costs involved with implementation 'of the provisions adopted by <br />Ordinance No. 20430 which establish a IWQ 'Later Quality overlay Zone effective on June ~ 10, <br />2009. ~ ~ . <br />D, Notice of the proposed amendments was provided to the Mayor and City <br />Councilors, to persons who had requested such notice, and made available for inspection by <br />interested persons at the offices of the Public Works Department, 99 E. Broadway, Suite 400, <br />Eugene, Oregon. Notice was also published in the Register Guard and posted at two locations at <br />City Hall on May 12, 2009. The Notice provided that written comments would be received for a <br />period of 15 days. from the date of posting and publication, or at the public hearing to be held ~ on <br />May 27, 2009, at 4 p.m. in the Lyle Conference Room on the fourth floor of the Public Works <br />Department, 99 E. Broadway, Eugene, Oregon. There were no attendees at the public hearing, <br />nor were comments received within the time or manner required by the Notice. . <br />E. Based on the above findings, and the findings in Administrative Order No. 53-09- <br />03, Ifind that Exhibit A of the Land Use Application Fee Schedule should be amended . as <br />proposed. In determining the proposed fees, I have considered ,the applicable policies, <br />enactments and directives of the City Council, the amount charged for these services by the City <br />in the past, the full costs of providing these services supported by the fees, the amounts charged <br />by other comparable providers, and the revenue needs of the City as determined by the adopted <br />Administrative Order.-Page 1 of 2 <br />