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ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 1VO. 58-09-oS~F . <br />of the <br />City Manager of the City of Eugene <br />INFLATIONARY ADJUSTMENT OF SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT <br />CHARGES FOR REGIONAL WASTEWATER SYSTEM, ' <br />The City Manager of the City of Eugene finds as follows: <br />A. Section 2.020 of the Eugene Code, 1971, authorizes the City Manager of the City <br />of Eugene to determine and set fees and charges ~to be imposed by the City for services, goods, <br />use of municipal property, and licenses and permits. Section 7.710 5 of that Code authorizes <br />~} <br />the City Manager to adopt by administrative order inflationary adjustments to S stems <br />Y <br />Development Charges SDC}based on previously adopted rate factors and cost indices. Section <br />2.4 of the SDC Methodologies authorizes the City Manager to adopt fee char ~ es, bayed on a cost <br />g <br />index or rate factors, by administrative order pursuant to section 2.020 of the Eugene_ Code; <br />-~ 1971, so long as the fees are ~ not revised administrativel in an amount eater than five ~ <br />y ~' ~ } <br />percent within any 1 ~-month period. <br />B. The SDC Methodologies were adopted by Resolution No. 4900 effective on May <br />7, 2007, and subsequently amended by Resolution No, 4929. ~ In addition, Resolution No. 4977 <br />amends Resolution No: 4900 effective January 1; 20 ~ 0. Finally, inflationary adjustments have <br />been adopted for Regional Wastewater System SDCs by Administrative (]rder~ No. SS-07-OS-F <br />and Resolution No. 4943, and far Local Wastewater S stem, Stormwater S stem and <br />y Y , <br />Transportation System SDCs by Administrative girder Na, ~S-OS-02-F. <br />S <br />C. In accordance with the procedures set forth in Sections 2.020 and 7.710~~} of the <br />Eugene Code, 197.1, on May 2b, X009, I issued Administrative Order No. ~~5-09-OS ro osin to <br />p P g <br />implement a 4.31 % inflationary increase to the Regional W astewater System rates as shown on <br />. Exhibit A attached to :that Order. The net effect of applying the indexed inflation cost <br />adjustment to both the rate and credit components of the adopted MWMC methodology results in <br />a range of final rate adjustment increases from 3.~%~ to 3.S%,- de endin u on the assi ed <br />P g p ~ <br />wastewater strength of discharge category. This inflationary adjustment is based ~on the national <br />~0-city. average Construction Cost Index as published by the En 'neerin News-Record and will <br />~ g <br />not result in a five ~5} .percent or greater fee increase within a 1 ~-month period. The proposed <br />increases were. based on the recommendation of the Metro olitan Wastewater Mara ement <br />p g <br />. Commission ~MWMC}. ~ ~. ~ . <br />D. Notice of the proposed inflationary adjustments was given by providing copies of <br />Administrative Order No. ~5-49-0$, including Exhibit A the ro osed amendments and Exhibit <br />p p } <br />B ~~he Notice}, to the Mayor and City Councilors; making those documents available for <br />inspection by interested persons at the office of the City Engineer, Public Works Department, 99 <br />E. Broadway, ‚ÄěSuite ::,:.400, Eugene, Oregon; and by posting those documents at two locations at <br />City Hall on June 5, 2009. ~ The Notice was also published in the Register-Guard on June ~S, <br />Administrative Order -Page 1 of 2 <br />