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EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br />AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br /> <br /> Work Session: Motor Assisted Scooters on Off-Street Paths <br /> <br />Meeting Date: June 14, 2004 Agenda Item Number: C <br />Department: Public Works Staff Contact: Diane Bishop <br />www. cl. eugene, or. us Contact Telephone Number: 682-5471 <br /> <br />AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br />This is a City Council-requested work session on the potential regulation of motor assisted scooters on <br />off-street bicycle and pedestrian paths. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />Eugene residents have been calling city councilors and staff to complain about noise, pollution and <br />conflicts on paths brought about by motor assisted scooters, particularly the gas-powered ones. The <br />Public Service Specialist, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, and the police department have received <br />more than 30 calls and email messages concerning the scooters during the month of May. <br /> <br />Council Action History <br />City councilors periodically have asked about regulation of the scooters, generally in response to <br />complaints from constituents. Staff prepared an article for the October 30, 2003, council newsletter to <br />accompany newly published brochures designed to educate the public about the motor assisted scooters. <br /> <br />Policy Issues <br />While state law regulates the use of motor assisted scooters, it appears to allow local control of scooter <br />use on off-street paths. Presently the police department is enforcing a park rule that restricts <br />unauthorized motorized vehicles from park paths. However, only approximately 1/3 of the City's 32 <br />miles of paths are within parks. <br /> <br />The ability of the police to enforce motor assisted scooter laws on off-street paths, the noise and <br />pollution caused by gas powered scooters, the addition of another user (the motor assisted scooter rider) <br />to Eugene's popular path system, and support of alternatives to single occupancy vehicles are some of <br />the issues the council may wish to discuss. <br /> <br />Council Goals <br />Not applicable. <br /> <br />Financial and/or Resource Considerations <br />The police department occasionally patrols for the scooters, or responds to specific complaints, on park <br />paths. Due to limited resources, response in a timely manner is often not possible. <br /> <br /> L:\CMO\2004 Council Agendas\M040614\S040614C.doc <br /> <br /> <br />