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EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br />AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br /> <br />Public Hearing: Proposed Modifications to Metropolitan Wastewater Management <br />Commission Regional Wastewater System Development Charge 3dethodology and Rates <br />Resolution 4791 Adopting Amended Systems Development Charge Methodology For <br />Regional Wastewater System; Amending Resolution No. 4740; and Repealing Resolution <br />No. 4776; and <br /> Resolution 4792 Adopting Amended Systems Development Charge Rates For Regional <br /> Wastewater System and Amending Resolution No. 4740 <br /> <br />Meeting Date: June 14, 2004 Agenda Item Number: 4 <br />Department: Public Works Staff Contact: Fred McVey <br />www. ci. eugene, or. us Contact Telephone Number: 682-5216 <br /> <br />AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br />This is a public hearing to consider proposed adoption by resolutions of the Metropolitan Wastewater <br />Management Commission's (MWMC) requested modifications to the regional wastewater system <br />development charge (SDC) methodology and rates. The proposed resolutions implement modifications <br />to the regional wastewater SDC methodology and rates by incorporating changes in Eugene's SDC <br />Methodologies document. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />Council Action History <br />On April 8, 2002, the council adopted Ordinance 20248 which, consistent with current requirements of <br />state statutes, requires that modifications of Eugene's SDC methodologies be adopted by council <br />resolution or ordinance. Prior to this, revisions to regional wastewater SDCs were adopted by <br />administrative order of the City Manager, with the council notified of and provided opportunity to <br />review proposed administrative orders. In September 2002, the MWMC requested that the cities of <br />Eugene and Springfield adopt a modified regional wastewater SDC methodology and rate. On January <br />27, 2003, the council adopted the requested regional wastewater methodology by Resolution No. 4748. <br />Prior to Resolution No. 4748, the last adjustment of the regional wastewater SDC was an update to a <br />credit table which was adopted by Administrative Order 58-02-18- F, effective July 1, 2002. <br /> <br />The council was notified by memorandum (February 2003) that implementation of the SDC rates <br />resulting from Resolution No. 4748 had been delayed pending the City of Springfield's adoption of the <br />modified regional wastewater methodology and rates as requested by the MWMC. On July 14, 2003, <br />staff presented the council with a proposed resolution formally extending the effective date Resolution <br />4748 until the City of Springfield adopted the same methodology and rate. The council declined to <br />approve the resolution extending the effective date, but acknowledged that in recognition of provisions <br /> <br /> L:\CMO\2004 Council Agendas\M040614\S0406144.doc <br /> <br /> <br />