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ADMINISTRATIVE gRDER Nq. 44-09-OS <br />of the City Manager <br />City of Eugene; gregon <br />Designating the City Finance gfficer, the City Treasurer and City Treasury gfficer as. City <br />gf~cials with Regard to Resolution 4976 Authorizing ~a Contingent Loan Agreement to Secure a <br />Borrowing by LCgG and Repealing Administrative grder 44-09-05. <br />The City Manager of the City of Eugene finds that: <br />A. Under the provisions of Chapter N, Section 16 of the Eugene Charter of ~00~, the City <br />Manager is designated as the administrative head of the City, and is specifically authorized to make all <br />purchases and act as business agent for the Council for the sale and real estate and other matters relating <br />to franchises, leases, and other business and property transactions. <br />B. Resolution 4976 adopted by the City Council on May ~0, 2009, directs the City Manager, <br />or the person designed by the City Manager (the "City official"}, to act on behalf of the City to carry out <br />the Council's direction as set out in the resolution. <br />C. on May 22, 2009, i issued Administrative order no. 44-09-05 designating the City <br />Finance officer and the City Treasurer as City Officials with regard to bond and other financing <br />resolutions. I am adding the City Treasury Officer to the list of personnel designated as a City official for <br />this purpose, and as a result, A ' 'strative Order no. 44-09-05 should be repealed. <br />Nqw, THEREFgRE, <br />BASED qN THE ABgVE FINDINGS, WHICH ARE HEREBY ADgPTED, <br />The City Manager of the City of Eugene orders that: <br />l . The City Finance officer, the City Treasurer and the City Treasury off cer are designed <br />as City Officials for purposes of performing the functions and duties of the City official set forth . in <br />Resolution 4976 and are authorized to carry out the direction from the City Council pursuant to the <br />resolution, including, but not limited to, negotiating and executing legal documents. <br />Z. Administrative Order 44-09-05 is repealed as of the effective date of this Order. <br />Dated and effective this ~~ day of August 2009. <br />,. ~ , t <br />Jon R. Ruiz <br />City Manager <br />