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ADMINISTRATIVE gRDER Nq. 58-09-13 <br />of the <br />Wastewater Division Director <br />Public Works Department <br />City of Eugene, gregon <br />AMENDMENT qF INDUSTRIAL PRETREAMENT DELEGATIgN qF <br />DUTIES UNDER INDUSTRIAL PRETREATMENT PRgGRAM <br />ADMINISTRATIVE RULE 6.501 AND REPEAL qF ADMINISTRATIVE <br />gRDER Nq. 58-98-01. <br />The Wastewater Division Director of the Public'~Vorks Department of the City of <br />Eugene finds that: <br />A. ~ In addition to the duties. and responsibilities delegated to the Director of the <br />Public Works Department by Administrative Order No. 53-96-09, Industrial Pretreatment <br />Program Administrative Rule 6.463 was adopted by the City Manager by Administrative Drder <br />No: SS-97-19~F, which authorized or required enforcement actions to be performed by me as <br />Director of the Wastewater Division of the City's Public Works Department. <br />B. Dn January 21,1995, I issued Administrative Order No. 58-9$-O 1 delegating <br />authority to other employees within the Public Works Department to perform enforcement <br />actions asset forth in that Drder. <br />C. Dn November 5, 2002, the City Manager issued Administrative Drder No. 58=02-2S-F <br />amending Industrial Pretreatment Program Administrative Rule R-6.463 and renumbering the <br />Rule as Rule R-6.501. <br />D. Without limiting my authority or the authority of the Public Works Director to <br />perform any of the enforcement actions contained herein, it would be more e~cient and in the <br />public interest to amend the delegation of authority that was adopted by Administrative Order <br />No. 5 S-9S-01 as hereinafter set forth. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, <br />THE DIRECTOR OF THE WASTEWATER DIVISIgN qF THE DEPARTMENT <br />qF PUBLIC WORKS qF THE CITY OF EUGENE ORDERS AND DIRECTS THAT; <br />1. The .above findings are adopted. <br />2. Without limiting my authority or the authority of the Public Works Director to perform <br />the following enforcement actions, the enforcement authority delegated to me as Director of the <br />Wastewater Division of the Public Works Department in Industrial Pretreatment Program <br />Administrative Rule 6.501 and Appendix A thereto is delegated as follows: <br />Administrative Drder -Page 1 of 2 <br />OSI21109 <br />