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Administrative order No. 57-09-03-F <br />of the <br />Library, Recreation & Cultural Services Department <br />City of Eugene, Oregon <br />AMENDMENT OF THE EUGENE PUBLIC LIBRARY RULES AND <br />REPEAL OF ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 57-07-04-F <br />The Executive Director of the Library, Recreation & Cultural Services Department <br />~LRCS} of the City of Eugene finds that: <br />A. Subsection 2.019~1~~h~ of the Eugene Code, 1971 authorizes the City Manager or <br />designee to adopt rules for implementation of any provisions of the Eugene Code,1971. Section <br />5.040 of that Code authorizes the City Manager or designee to regulate streetlsidewalk access. <br />Section 5.130 of that Code prohibits persons from obstructing the free movement of vehicles or <br />pedestrians using the streetslsidewalks. The City Manager, by Administrative Order No. 57-95- <br />01, delegated the authority to adopt rules for the Library to the Executive Director of the Library, <br />Recreation & Cultural Services Department. In addition, the City Manager, by Administrative <br />Order No. 58-09-14, delegated the authority to regulate streetlsidewalk access for the area <br />surrounding the Downtown Library to the Executive Director of the Library, Recreation & <br />Cultural Services Department. <br />B. On September 22, 2049,1 issued Administrative Order No. 57-09-03 proposing to <br />amend the Eugene Public Library Rules that had been adapted by Administrative Order No. 57- <br />07-04-F on January 4, 2008. The proposed amendments included clarifying the area defined as <br />"the Library premises" and the activity that is prohibited on Library premises. The amendments <br />are necessary in order to facilitate the efficient operation of the Eugene Public Library, and to <br />maintain the goals established by the Downtown Activity Zone as described in Section 4.870 of <br />the Eugene Code, 1971, including encouraging pedestrian oriented activities, providing a <br />pleasant place for civic and cultural events, and encouraging pedestrians to come to the area. <br />C. Notice of the proposed amendments was published in the Register-Guard <br />newspaper on September 28, 29, 30, October 1, and 2, 2009, and made available to any person <br />who had requested such notice. The Notice provided that the proposed amendments could be <br />viewed at the Eugene Public Library, 100 west 10th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401 during <br />normal hours of operation, and advised that written comments would be received for 15 days <br />from the first date of publication. No comments were received within the time or in the manner <br />provided in the Notice. <br />Therefore, based upon the above findings, and the findings in Administrative Order <br />No. 57-09-03, and pursuant to the authority of Section 2.019 of the Eugene Code, 1971, and <br />Administrative Order Nos. 57-95-01 and 58-09-14, Administrative Order Na. 57-07-04-F is <br />repealed, and the Eugene Public Library Rules are adopted to provide as follows: <br />Administrative Order No. 57-09-03-F -Page 1 of 10 <br />