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ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 58-09-02 <br />of the City Manager <br />City of Eugene, Oregon <br />REGARDING THE AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE AND <br />DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY TO APPOINT MEMBERS. <br />The City Manager of the City of Eugene finds that: <br />A. Under the provisions of Chapter IV, Section 16 of the Eugene Charter of 2002, <br />the City Manager is designated as the administrative head of the City. Subsection (2 )(b) of <br />Section 2.013 of the Eugene Code ( "EC " ), authorizes the City Manager to create standing or ad <br />hoc departmental advisory committees. <br />B. The Airport Advisory Committee ( "the Committee ") was originally established in <br />. 1987 under EC 2.013(l). Subsequently, the Committee was removed from the Eugene Code, <br />and continued on as a Departmental Advisory Committee. <br />C. It would be more efficient to delegate to the Public Works Director the authority <br />to determine the composition of the Airport Advisory Committee and to appoint the members of <br />the committee. <br />J <br />THE CITY MANAGER OF THE CITY OF EUGENE ORDERS AND DIRECTS <br />THAT: <br />L Based on the above findings, which are adopted, the Airport Advisory Committee <br />exists as a standing committee for purposes of making recommendations to City staff and <br />departments concerning implementation of policies regarding the Eugene Airport. <br />20 The. power to determine the composition of the Airport Advisory Committee and <br />to appoint the members of the Airport Advisory Committee- is delegated to the Public Works <br />- Director. _- <br />Dated this 24 day of 2009. <br />Jon R. Ruiz <br />City Manager <br />00220178.DOC <br />Administrative Order Page 1 of 1 <br />