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MINUTES <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: <br />COUNCILORS ABSENT: <br />Eugene City Council <br />McNutt Room —City Hall <br />777 Pearl Street—Eugene, Oregon <br />George Brown, George Poling, Chris Pryor. <br />October 5, 2011 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />Betty Taylor, Andrea Ortiz, Mike Clark, Alan Zelenka, Pat Farr. <br />Council Vice President George Brown called the City Council meeting to order. <br />A. BOARDS AND COMISSIONS INTERVIEWS <br />The City Council interviewed David McLean, David Sohm, John Jaworski, Sara Mason, and Mark Baker <br />for vacant positions on the Eugene Planning Commission. Each candidate was asked the following <br />questions: <br />1. What key issues would you hope to address as a member of the Planning Commission? <br />2. The Eugene Planning Commission often works on lengthy processes and decisions as a <br />group. Describe your prior skills and experience that will assist you in working with the <br />Planning Commission. <br />3. Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity of views on the Planning <br />Commission. In what ways would you seek to bring the perspectives of under - represented <br />members of our community in the land use planning and decision process? <br />4. The Planning Commission must often consider and balance complex issues when reviewing <br />planning documents and making land use decisions. As an example, the City is in the process <br />of determining how to accommodate 34, 000 new residents over the next 20 years. In your <br />opinion, what are the most important factors for the commission to consider in this effort? <br />Mr. Brown adjourned the meeting at 6:47 p.m. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />'&A lm-a <br />Beth Forrest <br />City Recorder <br />(Recorded by Kimberly Young) <br />MINUTES— Eugene City Council October 5, 2011 Page 1 <br />Boards and Commissions Interviews <br />