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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />McNutt Room —City Hall <br />777 Pearl Street — Eugene, Oregon <br />November 16, 2011 <br />Noon <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Betty Taylor, George Brown, Andrea Ortiz, Mike Clark, Chris Pryor, <br />Alan Zelenka, Pat Farr. <br />COUNCILORS ABSENT: George Poling. <br />Her Honor Mayor Kitty Piercy called the November 16, 2011, work session of the Eugene City Council <br />to order. <br />A. WORK SESSION: <br />Human Rights Commission FY12 /13 Work Plan <br />The council was joined by Eugene Human Rights Commission (HRC) Chair Toni Gyatso and Vice Chair <br />Ken Neubeck. Central Services Director Kristi Hammitt and Equity and Human Manager Raquel Wells <br />were also present for the item. <br />Mr. Neubeck and Ms. Gyatso reviewed the goals and objectives in the HRC's work plan. Ms. Gyatso <br />said that the HRC's work plan reflected the community input the commission received as a result of its <br />recent Listening Project. <br />Ms. Hammitt, the executive liaison to the City's Human Rights and Equity Board, reviewed some action <br />items from the City's Diversity and Equity Plan and noted their relationship to the HRC work plan. <br />Mayor Piercy thanked the commissioners. She looked forward to International Human Rights Day. She <br />recommended the HRC take advantage of the current community focus on economic inequity to <br />disseminate the commission's message and involve people in the event. She appreciated the work plan's <br />focus on the unhoused and suggested it was timely given the discussions generated by Occupy Eugene, <br />particularly about the need for the homeless to have a safe place to be during the day. She encouraged the <br />HRC to help move that discussion along. She said the plan's emphasis on youth had a connection to <br />homelessness and presented another opportunity for partnering. Mayor Piercy suggested the HRC could <br />also work on bias against the homeless. <br />Ms. Ortiz determined from Ms. Wells that the Eugene Disability Advisory Committee would be a <br />department advisory committee that advised Central Services. Ms. Ortiz looked forward to the upcoming <br />Hate Crimes Conference and suggested that the HRC invite Morris Dees to speak. She was happy to hear <br />about the proposed Youth Committee and hoped the commission sought out people who had not been <br />involved before as members. <br />Ms. Ortiz suggested the council spend some time at its retreat discussing where it envisioned the City was <br />going in terms of human rights and human services. <br />MINUTES— Eugene City Council November 16, 2011 Page 1 <br />Work Session <br />