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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />McNutt Room —City Hall <br />777 Pearl Street—Eugene, Oregon <br />November 23, 2011 <br />Noon <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Betty Taylor, George Brown, Andrea Ortiz, George Poling, Mike Clark, <br />Chris Pryor, Alan Zelenka, Pat Farr. <br />Her Honor Mayor Kitty Piercy called the November 23, 2011, work session of the Eugene City Council <br />to order. <br />A. WORK SESSION: <br />Envision Eugene – Land Need for Industrial <br />The council was joined by Planning Director Lisa Gardner, Metropolitan Community Planning Manager <br />Carolyn Weiss, and Associate Planner Jason Dedrick. Mr. Dedrick provided a PowerPoint presentation <br />on Eugene's industrial land need. He highlighted a strategy from the Joint Elected Officials' Regional <br />Prosperity Plan, Strengthen Key Industries, as a means to increase local wages and which also served as <br />the basis for the need for more industrial land. Mr. Dedrick noted the key industries targeted in the plan: <br />software and computer systems design, manufacturing, health care and social assistance, and scientific <br />research and development. He suggested that, while not mentioned in the plan, the local food industry <br />was growing and its land need also had to be considered. Mr. Dedrick noted the varying site <br />requirements of each key industry. <br />Mr. Dedrick shared State of Oregon employment growth forecasts for 2008 -2018 and anticipated the <br />soon -to -be released growth rate for 2010 -2020 would be slightly higher. He shared data on industrial <br />land consumption since 1990 as well as data on existing vacant industrial sites of varying sizes. He also <br />shared a map of the existing vacant sites. Mr. Dedrick acknowledged limitations in the current inventory <br />that precluded the State from referring companies that needed large sites to Eugene. He briefly noted <br />examples of Eugene companies unable to expand at their current sites. <br />Mr. Dedrick reminded the council of the Economic Prosperity Pillar of Envision Eugene, which called for <br />implementation of the Regional Prosperity Plan, consolidation and redevelopment of vacant and <br />developed industrial sites, and consideration of sites outside the urban growth boundary (UGB). <br />Mr. Dedrick shared maps of potential expansion areas to accommodate industrial growth. He indicated <br />staff would continue to monitor actual job growth, the consumption of large sites, existing companies' <br />expansion efforts, the State's referrals to Eugene, and redevelopment of brownfields /land trusts. <br />Mr. Dedrick noted next steps, which included additional public outreach and a council work session <br />scheduled on December 14. <br />Mayor Piercy solicited council comments and questions. <br />MINUTES— Eugene City Council November 23, 2011 Page 1 <br />Work Session <br />