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<br /> COUNCIL ORDINANCE NUMBER 20491 <br /> COUNCIL BILL NUMBER 5070 <br />AN ORDINANCE VACATING THE WEST 12th AVENUE RIGHT-OF-WAY <br />LOCATED BETWEEN WILLAMETTE STREET AND OLIVE STREET; <br />AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br />ADOPTED: May 9, 2012 <br />SIGNED: May 11, 2012 <br />PASSED: 6:2 <br />REJECTED: <br />OPPOSED: Brown, Taylor <br />ABSENT: <br />EFFECTIVE: <br />Notwithstanding the effective date of Ordinances as provided in the <br />Eugene Charter of 2002, this Ordinance and the vacation described herein shall <br />become effective on the date the City issues a building permit for construction of the <br />structural shell of a multi-story residential building proposed by Capstone Collegiate <br />Communities LLC, located north of the West 12th Avenue right-of-way to be vacated. <br /> <br />