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COUNCIL ORDINANCE NUMBER 20495 <br />AN ORDINANCE VACATING A PORTION OF HIGH ALLEY, LOCATED BETWEEN <br />EAST BROADWAY AND EAST BROADWAY ALLEY. <br />ADOPTED: September 10, 2012 <br />SIGNED: September 17, 2012 <br />PASSED: 7:0 <br />REJECTED: <br />OPPOSED: <br />ABSENT: Zelenka <br />EFFECTIVE: <br />Notwithstanding the effective date of Ordinances as provided in the Eugene Charter of 2002, this <br />Ordinance and the vacation described herein shall become effective on the date the applicant <br />dedicates three feet of public utility easement abutting the 11 feet of PUE reserved within the <br />right -of -way to be vacated. <br />