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AM <br />W City Attorney's Office <br />Date: January 25, 2013 <br />To: Beth Forrest, City Recorder <br />From: Glenn Klein, City Attorne <br />Subject: Scrivener Error Correction C 6.865 / Ordinance No. 20498 <br />Memorandum <br />It has come to our attention that the following reference error exists in Ordinance No. 20498 that <br />adopted EC. 6.865 on October 22, 2012. <br />EC 6.865(c) contains a reference to ORS 409.600 but should have referenced ORS 413.500. <br />Please effect a scrivener error correction so that EC 6.865(c) reads as follows: <br />"6.865 Plastic Bag Use - Exemptions Notwithstanding sections 6.855 and 6.860 of <br />this code: <br />(c) A retail establishment shall provide a reusable bag or a recyclable paper <br />bag at no cost at the point of sale upon the request of a customer who <br />uses a voucher issued under the Women, Infants and Children Program <br />established in the Oregon Health Authority under ORS 413.500." <br />These corrections are authorized by Section 2 of Ordinance No. 20498, and a copy of this <br />memo should be attached to that Ordinance. <br />City of Eugene . 125 E. 8th Ave. • Eugene, OR 97401 • 541- 682 -8447 • 541 - 682 -5414 Fax <br />www.eugene - <br />{00083082;1} <br />