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<br />M I N U T E S <br /> <br /> <br />Eugene City Council <br />City Council Meeting <br />Council Chamber—Eugene City Hall <br /> <br /> June 12, 2006 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Jennifer Solomon, Andrea Ortiz, David Kelly, Gary Papé, George <br />Poling, Chris Pryor, Bonny Bettman, Betty Taylor. <br /> <br /> <br />Her Honor Mayor Kitty Piercy called the meeting of the Eugene City Council to order and welcomed <br />everyone to the meeting. <br /> <br /> <br />1. PUBLIC FORUM <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy reviewed the rules of the Public Forum. <br /> <br />Ken Neubeck <br />, 4915 West Hillside Drive, urged the City Council to support Resolution 4881, the Human <br />Rights resolution. He said he was on the Board of the Amigos Multi-Cultural Services Center, which has <br />operated in Eugene since 1993, working with immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers. He related that <br />most of the people he worked with suffered severe human rights abuses in their home nations, ranging from <br />life-threatening poverty to political violence, including torture. He declared the resolution “extraordinarily <br />important” to people who were in the community as immigrants, both documented and undocumented. <br />Recent rhetoric in the media frightened many of the people he served. He stated that people he worked with <br />were heavily traumatized by human rights violations in the nations from which they came. He averred that <br />the City of Eugene had an opportunity to make a strong statement about its belief in human rights and its <br />interest in respecting the dignity and safety of people in the community regardless of heritage, nationality, <br />or whether they were here legally or not. He asked the council to give unanimous support to the resolution <br />so that it would send a message to surrounding communities. <br /> <br />Guadalupe Quinn <br />, 3820 Greenwood Street, stated that she worked with CAUSA, a statewide coalition for <br />immigrant rights. She thanked the council for considering the human rights resolution. She asked the <br />council to pass the resolution as it would send a clear message that the City was committed to the welfare <br />of all members of the community. She said people need to know that they will be treated with respect and <br />everyone has the right to feel safe. She underscored the contributions that immigrants have made to this <br />country. <br /> <br />Mitzi Colbath <br />, 2230 Churchill Street, President of the Eugene Planning Commission, said the Planning <br />Commission sent her to convey the unanimous affirmation of and support for its letter of May 16. She <br />provided another copy of the letter to the councilors. She related that the letter was about land use issues <br />and the type of work the Planning Commission wanted to conduct for the council as the City moved into the <br />next year. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council June 12, 2006 Page 1 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />