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Bruce H. Anderson <br />, 4350 Spring Boulevard, said he wanted to raise the councilors’ awareness of <br />rainwater harvesting. He stressed the importance of keeping it in the back of their minds as they proceeded <br />with the evening’s proceedings. He said that although rainwater harvesting was not directly referred to in <br />the code, the City should do everything it could to encourage residents to use untreated rainwater whenever <br />possible. <br /> <br />Sally Sheklow <br />, 932 Polk Street, said she worked with the Community Alliance of Lane County in a <br />program called Back to Back Allies for Human Dignity. She explained that part of the work she did was to <br />monitor and track hate activity in the community. She thanked the council for taking the opportunity to <br />reaffirm its human rights resolution. She knew what it felt like not to feel safe or welcomed and wanted to <br />make sure this did not happen to immigrants in the community. <br /> <br />th <br />Michael Carrigan <br />, 1439 West 4 Avenue, stated that Specialist Suzanne Swift of the United States Army <br />was arrested on June 11 for refusing to be redeployed to Iraq. He said the Eugene Police Department <br />(EPD) conducted the arrest on behalf of the United States Army. He did not feel it was an appropriate role <br />for the EPD to take. He lauded Ms. Swift as a young woman of conscience who made a very difficult <br />decision to not go back to Iraq. He opined that she was worthy of better treatment from the City. He <br />alleged that Ms. Swift’s mother had been physically pulled aside by the EPD. He did not believe she <br />should have been touched by any member of the department. He hoped Ms. Swift’s mother would file a <br />complaint. <br /> <br />nd <br />Jana Jackson <br />, 1012 East 22 Avenue, expressed disappointment in the Mayor and councilors Bettman <br />and Kelly for any involvement in decisions around the police auditor or supervision of the police. She <br />alleged that the councilors indicated they did not think it was important or always necessary for the council <br />to follow the law. She interpreted that to mean that the police were not important. She did not think <br />councilors had any business making judgments about the EPD. She alleged that interactions between a <br />family member of Mayor Piercy’s and law enforcement personnel created a conflict of interest and declared <br />that the Mayor had “no business serving on committees or choosing an auditor.” She disputed the <br />statement that the police auditor could not be a convicted felon, as the auditor was not working in the <br />criminal justice system. She said a hate crime was a hate crime whether it was racist, related to religion, or <br />against a member of the police department. She felt one group was being singled out for discrimination. <br /> <br />Zachary Vishanoff <br />, Patterson Street, asked the City Manager if he had checked into Williams Bakery <br />conditional use permit (CUP) and whether there would be a hearing. He was concerned that such a hearing <br />would be held in the summer when University of Oregon students are out of town. <br /> <br />City Manager Taylor offered to talk with Mr. Vishanoff after the meeting and try to coordinate how he and <br />others could have public notice if such a request for a CUP was submitted. <br /> <br />Continuing, Mr. Vishanoff asked the City Manager to ensure that The Register-Guard was made aware of <br />the hearing, should it be scheduled. He also wished to highlight articles from the Eugene Weekly, one <br />about a sports spending problem as it related to tuition increases at the University of Oregon, and one on <br />the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI). He said the University of Oregon also <br />announced plans for a five-story building at an estimated cost of $60 million. He alleged that Governor <br />Ted Kulongski “meddled” in the siting of the planned basketball arena for the University of Oregon. <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy closed the Public Forum and called for council comments. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council June 12, 2006 Page 2 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />