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developing a charter document to aid the Staff Task Force in its charge. The signed charter <br />document is attached. Key elements of the charter include the designation of the following <br />roles and assigned parties: <br />A.Elected Representatives Group (ERG) <br />The City and County recognize the importance of ensuring the work of the task <br />force is guided by the proper mix of technical expertise, government leadership and <br />community perspective. For this reason, the City and County have agreed to the <br />creation of an Elected Representatives Group (ERG), which will meet regularly to <br />discuss and monitor the progress of the task force. The ERG will not make formal <br />decisions; however, it will be tasked with reviewing information and providing <br />input to the task force to help inform the work. The ERG group is composed of: <br /> Lane County: Commissioner Stewart, Commissioner Farr <br /> City of Eugene: Mayor Piercy, Councilor Poling, Councilor Evans <br /> State of Oregon: Presiding Judge Rasmussen <br />B.Staff Task Force (STF) <br />The joint Staff Task Force (STF) consists of appropriate City, County and State <br />Court staff, an independent facilitator, and any technical consultants necessary to <br />deliver the expected work product. It is anticipated that the STF members will meet <br />at least weekly, and often more frequently, to meet the established deadline. The <br />lead staff members for City, County, and State Courts are listed below: <br /> Lane County: Greg Rikhoff, Brian Craner <br /> City of Eugene: Sarah Medary, Kristie Hammitt <br /> State of Oregon: Liz Rambo <br />C.Independent Facilitator <br />The City and the County recognize the need for the Staff Task Force and Elected <br />Representatives Group to be supported by an independent facilitator. Appointing <br />an objective and technically skilled facilitator with the credibility necessary to help <br />build consensus is important in ensuring the task force’s work is productive and <br />completed expeditiously. Additionally, in an effort to ensure the information <br />provided by the task force is objective and impartial, the City and the County agree <br />that the facilitator will be the party primarily responsible for developing and <br />delivering the end work product, with the support and assistance of City, County <br />and State Court staff. <br />To fill the role of independent facilitator, the city manager and county administrator <br />have agreed to engage the services of Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />S160920-JEO.docx <br /> <br />