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and Planning. Cameron McCarthy – a local, award-winning landscape architecture <br />and planning firm – was chosen for its proven methodology on similar local projects <br />where it evaluated potential development scenarios and alternative locations on a <br />short timeline, providing high-quality, technically sound analysis and information, <br />which led to the creation of vibrant and inviting public spaces.The firm also has <br />local knowledge and understanding of the projects’ community context and <br />experience with related downtown projects. Cameron McCarthy’s ability to remain <br />a neutral and independent facilitator for City Council and the Board of <br />Commissioners will ensure each scenario considered is thoroughly vetted and <br />analyzed. <br />IV.PLANNED APPROACH/METHODOLOGY <br />The Staff Task Force’s independent facilitator has proposed the following approach to <br />analyzing potential coordinated development scenarios. The independent facilitator’s full <br />scope of work proposal is attached, along with an initial project schedule. <br />A.Task 1: Project Initiation <br />Prepare Communications Plan identifying project team members and stakeholders, <br />contact information, roles and responsibilities, format for information sharing, and <br />procedures for internal and external communications. Conduct initial meeting with <br />City/County staff to finalize work program, Communications Plan, and Project <br />Schedule. Staff will review existing information and identify data collection needs. <br />Deliverables: Communications Plan, Project Goals and Guiding Principles <br />B.Task 2: Research and Data Gathering <br />Gather and review relevant background information. Obtain and review data from <br />various stakeholders that relates to programmatic considerations. Determine land <br />use requirements for each site and the implications of the development of each <br />facility on the sites. Prepare Existing Conditions maps and property summaries. <br />Prepare Site Analysis and Opportunities and Constraints Diagrams for each <br />proposed development. <br />Deliverables: Land Use Requirements Memorandum, Existing Conditions Maps <br />and Property Summaries, Site Analysis Diagrams, Opportunities and Constraints <br />Diagrams <br />C.Task 3: Facility Programming and Templates <br />Assemble program summary for each facility. Based on facility program <br />summaries, create building and site templates for each facility. Create 3D massing <br />building options for each facility. Refine templates based on program requirements, <br />site analysis, and opportunities and constraints for each building and site. Develop <br />evaluation criteria for use in assessing development concepts based on adopted <br />policies and accepted urban design guidelines. <br />Page 3 of 4 <br />S160920-JEO.docx <br /> <br />