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<br />~ <br />453 <br /> <br />-= <br />..' <br /> <br />\.. <br /> <br />- --- -~._-- .-~---- <br />- - <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />March 23, 1936 <br /> <br />The minutes of the adjourned meeting of the common council held at the <br />hour of 7:30 o'clock, P. M., March 23, 1936. Council was called to order by . <br />Mayor Large with all councilmen present except Mr. Reid. Minutes of the regular <br />meeting of March 9th were read and no objections appearing, were ordered filed. <br /> <br />oJ:;;;. <br />.\'.'..;, <br />~w,r..",. <br />:~ <br /> <br />'..-. <br /> <br />;r-:' <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />Mayor Large called for presentations from the citizens, and Dr. A. T. <br />Oberg who resides at the corner of 16th and Hilyard Streets, addressed the council <br />concerning the traffic conditions at that particular corner. He pointed out that <br />in less than one year, there had been three wrecks at that location and that these <br />have cost him approxi~ately $100.00 to repair his parking strip, rock wall and <br />steps. The worst of it was that there was not a thing to prevent re-occurrence <br />of this damage. He further pointed out that 16th Street running east was quite a <br />speed-way in that it was a full, wide street and that Hilyard street was the first, <br />full, wide street t!1is side of the University district, so people going either <br />north or south generally moved along at a high rate of speed, and as a solution to <br />the situation asked that a stop sign be placed on the west side of Hilyard on 16th <br />Street. Councilman Simon pointed out that that particular corner was no worse <br />than many others in the city of Eugene and f.elt-that if a stop sign were placed at <br />that location that they would have to put stop signs in the other locations also. <br />The Mayor referred this to the Folice Committee. . <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Attorney Hardy then addressed the Council in behalf of Mr. Elliott who <br />had a bid in for the maintenance and operation of the city dump ground. In behalf <br />of his client, he stated that Mr. Elliott had property adjoining the city dump <br />which made it handier for him and also pointed out that the State Board of Health <br />was not satisfied with the manner in which garbage was being hauled and dumped by <br />the city of Eugene, pointing out that many other haulers were not hauling all <br />garbage of the city to the dump grounds, but were taking it to other places. The <br />City has an ordinance covering this, but the same is not being enforced. His clien <br />was willing to put in machinery and equipment for the proper care and management <br />of this ground, but could not do so unless the city of Eugene would see that all <br />garbage was hauled and dumped there. <br /> <br />Mayor Large then asked the recorder to open bids on the garbage proposi- <br />tion and present them to ~he Council. Two bids were opened, that of Mr. H. S~ <br />Elliott and Mr. R. R. Hughes. The Mayor then asked Councilman Zumwalt as to the <br />situation concerning the statement of licensed garbage haulers hauling garbage to <br />places other than the city dump ground. Councilman Zumwalt answered that he knew <br />at least two of the licensed haulers who were hauling their garbage to other places <br />and one of these was Brays and he wished to state that all of the city haulers <br />should dump their garbage at the city dump ground. Councilman Bond wanted to know <br />what was meant by apparatus. Mr. Hardy answered that it would take considerable <br />mechanical and steam equipment in order to comply with the state requirements and <br />Mr. Elliott. was willing to do this. <br /> <br />.~ <br /> <br />Mr. Hohnstein, licensed hauler, then addressed the Council wanting to <br />know the difference between trash and garbage, pointing out that he and other haulers <br />had beenrnuling refuse to other places than the city dump ground and dumping garbage <br />at the city ground. The Mayor referred this to the Health Committee to report at <br />the next meeting. <br /> <br />/. . <br />.. <br /> <br />At this time Councilman Reid appears in Council. <br /> <br />Mr. Leo Deffenbacher then addressed the Council concerning the Council's <br />action in making 13th Street East betwe~n Alder and Kincaid a no-parking zone. He <br />said that there were many business people there who had spent years and money in <br />building up a legitimate business and felt that this was an injustice to impose an <br />absolute no-parking zone upon them, because students and residents of the city liked <br />to drive up in front of the store when doing their business. He pointed out that <br />the business people in that district had not been notified nor consulted and that <br />he felt that they certainly should be represented at the committee's meetings in <br />order that the council might reach a just decision. He presented a petition bear- <br />ing all the names and addresses of the business men of that block to Councilman <br />Sim'on. Dr. Simon stated he had nothing to say; that the council had acted and as <br />far as he was concerned he was through. Councilman Carlson expressed the opinion <br />that the people in that district were entitled to the same con8iderations as any of <br />the business people on Willamette Street and that the complaint is just and good. <br />It was considered that there should be a limited parking zone and the police de- <br />partmen~ could drop out occasionally and it wouldn't take long to bring about en- <br />forcement. Councilman Bond expressed the opinion that he agreed with Cou.ncilman <br />Carlson and that these people had a just complaint, but when the original peti.tion <br />had be~n considered, he had presumed that the businessmen themselves had signed it. <br />He wished the subject to be reconsidered. Councilman Lamb pointed out that this <br />matter was but a slight imposition as far as business was concerned and that there <br />WaS plenty of space for parking near by, pointing out that they eQuId park around . <br />the corners a~d he felt that this was perfectly in order. Councilman Carlson point- <br />ed out that there is no parking at all East on 13th past Kincaid Street, but there <br />is on Kincaid and the East side of Alder South of 13th and both sides North of 13th <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~ <br />