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<br />~ <br />493 ' <br /> <br />- __ _._ ,0-___ <br /> <br />- - -- - -. --- <br />----~------.-_------ <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />10 <br /> <br />_. _ ___ _ ._ 4 _ _ _ _ _ ____. <br />----~--~---- ----~------~ --- -----~ <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />May 26, 1941 <br /> <br />~ <br />~< <br />~, <br />~, <br />,.tol" , <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held on Monday <br />evening May 26, 1941, at 7:30 ,o'clock P. M. Mayor Elisha Large presided over <br />the <meet~ng. Councilmen present were: Sam C. 'Bond, Louis Koppe, E. A. Barette, <br />Ira o. STewart, Orren Brownson, A. L. Hawn, John Pennington and A. C. Farrington; <br />absent: none. <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />The mintues of the previous meeting were presented and ordered placed <br />on file. The meeting was herewith called to order. <br /> <br />Mayor Large called on Colonel Waller to explain what he considered needed <br />at the North end of the old Airport to accommodate the troops that will be < <br />passing through Eugene. Colonel Waller explained that not only the troops that <br />had gone South would be coming back but also the troops at those pre~ent stations <br />would be coming up North this' fall. He explained that this ,movement of troops <br />back and forth~would probably be going on for the next three or fout'years at <br />least. He explained that there was no accommodations at the airport at the <br />present time at all and what troops had already stopped there had been invited <br />down to the Armory to take their showers. However, this could not be done <br />anymore as the Armory was now occupied by the Gov't Engineers. He stated that <br />~ater should be run in out there and that there should be at least 12 toilets <br />and 12 shower heads and that hot water for the showers would be greatly appreciated <br />Colonel Waller added that if 2000 troops stopped there overnight there would <br />probably be a $1000 spent for supplies to say nothing of the boys who would come <br />down town and spendconsiderable money. It was pointed out that there was no <br />sanitary sewer at the airport and that 12th and Polk would be the nearest connec- <br />tion, and that a sceptic tnak would probably have to be used. Councilman hawn , <br />stated that he thought that something should be done at once and that this should <br />be referred to a committee. He stated that the approximate cost of a tiolet unit <br />would be around $50. After some discussion by the Council this matter was <br />referred to Councilman Stewart head of the Fire and Water Committee, Councilman <br />Farrington head of the Finance Committee and W. C. Clubb, City Engineer, and Mr. <br />J. W. McArthur of the Eugene Water Board to investigate and report back at the <br />n~xt council meeting. <br /> <br />j, <br /> <br />3 <br /> <br />4 <br /> <br />Mr. Myrmo was present and asked for some solution in regard to cars <br />parking in front of his place of business at 1937 Franklin Blvd. He explained <br />that t.q.e cars cannot stop OIl the p,ighway and that there is not room enough between <br />the highway and sidewalk for a cal< to park without being partially on the' sidewalk. <br />It was suggested that there was ~ery little sidewalk traffic in that neighborhood <br />and that it might be possible for them to park partially on the sidewalk. Council- <br />man Bond said that he did not believe that permission should be ,granted without <br />further investigation. The matter was referred to the Police Department to report <br />back at the next council meeting. <br /> <br />Councmlman Koppe reporting for the Judiciary Committee brought up the <br />matter of the $21.75 bill from Mrs. Mary B. Wheeler in connection with an acci- <br />dent on the sidewalk of 10th and Pearl Streets. At this time an additional bill <br />that had been received from Mrs. Wheeler was read, the amount of which was $11.00. <br />Councilman Koppe said it was the recommendation of the Judiciary Committee that <br />these two bills be not allowed and he made a motion to that effect. This motion <br />was seconded by: Councilman Hawn and carried. <br /> <br />The Finance Committee recommended a counter offer of $500 cash on the offer <br />of $475 by Edith Gardiner for a client for a lot 80 x 105.03 on the South side of <br />10th Avenue West between Polk and Taylor Streets. Upon motioh made and seconded <br />the motion was unanimously approved. <br /> <br />The offer of $470 cash by Edith Gardiner for a client for Lot 2, Block 2, <br />Gilrnore Addition (180 feet West of the Northwest corner of 10th Avenue and Polk <br />Street) was presented with the recoIllmendation that the offer be held for the <br />appraisal price of $520 and upon motion made and seconded the motion was unani- <br />mously approved. <br /> <br />The offer of Julian Stalsberg of $50 for Lot 9, Dlock 1, Hollenbeck Additio <br />(100 feet East of the Northeast corner of 14th Avenue and Washington Street) was <br />presented with recommendation that the offet be accepted and upon motion made <br />and seconded the recommendation was unanimously approved. <br /> <br />The orfer of Harold Moell of $500 cash for Lot 1, Dlock 5, Hollenbeck <br />Addition (Southeast corner of 15th Avenae and Washington Street) was presented <br />with the recommendation that the offer be accepted and upon motion made and secon- <br />ded the recommendation was unanimously approved. <br /> <br />The offer of H. E. Cully fDr a clieht of $500 cash for Lot 4 Block 9 <br />Hollenbeck Addition (113 feet South of the Southeast corner of 17th' Avenue a~d <br />Wash~ngton S~reet) was presented with the recommendation that the offer be accepted <br />and upon motlon made and seconde~ the recommendation was unanimously approved. <br /> <br />6 <br /> <br />6 <br /> <br />7. <br /> <br />8 <br /> <br />9 <br /> <br />..... <br />