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<br /> -r~ <br /> DJ <br /> --~~ .- , - - ----- ~.- ._- - ..- <br /> - -," -.-- .~ ,.~ .. ,.. -- - _.~~ -- - ~-- - - - _ u ~ ._____ -- . <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> June 23, 1941 <br /> / <br /> I The minutes' of the regular meeting of the Common Council held Monday ~'1 <br /> evening, June 23rd, 1941, at 7:30 o'clock. All councilmen were present with the Q <br /> 1 exception of Ira O. Stewart. ~ <br /> .;p......... <br /> " <br /> . The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and the meeting <br /> 2 herewith called to order. . . <br /> Mr. W. E. Hanson presented a petition pretesting against the change of <br /> West 4th'Street from Taylor Street to the West City limits from a residence distric <br /> I to an industrial district. The peititon contained between 90 and 100 names. <br /> David Auld, president of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association, stated <br /> that he had about $15,000.00 worth of loans on improved property in that district a <br /> that any change from a residential district would be detrimental to the neighborhoo . <br /> He stated that when the loans were placed it was with the understanding that it <br /> was a resid~ntial district abd that he would like to request the Council not to <br /> make the change to a business district. Councilman Bond stated that some if the <br /> finest homes in town were there and he did not see the necessity of changing it <br /> over to a business district. A motion that the request for a change to an in- <br /> dustril district be denied was carried. Mrs. Frank Dunlap was present and thanked <br /> the council for their action in the matter. She also entered a protest against <br /> the burning of pawdust at the edge of the City limits. She said that recently <br /> this sawdust had been moved in closer to the City and that the smoke was a nuisance. <br /> Mayor Large explained that the City would have no authority outside the City <br /> limits but that the State Fire Marshal had been here and was watching that district <br /> 3 and' would not allow this to become a fire menace. <br /> k .contract between the City and Dr. H. H. Norton to erect a hangar on the <br /> old City Airport was read. A suggestion was made that the hangar should be <br /> located a~ decided by the City Engineer and Mr. 'Harrell, who has a lease on the <br /> airport. The rent should be paid on the first of the month following the com- <br /> pletion of the hangar. Also, a clause be inserted in the contract that the hangar <br /> would be moved within~gO days after the City serves notice to that effect. ~ince <br /> the rent was only one dollar per month, a year's rental should be collected in <br /> advance. A resolution authorizing the Mayor and Recorder to enter into this <br /> I 4 , contract was read,and passed by the council. - <br /> RE SOL UTI 0 N <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of <br /> Eugene that the hereto attached contract shall be <br /> executed on behalf of the City, by its Mayor and <br /> Recorder pro-tem, upon the same being tendered to <br /> the City with the si.gnature of H. H. Norton duly <br /> '" executing the same. <br /> The offer of Etta. O. Hopper of $275.00, $55.00 down and balance at $6.00 <br /> per month plus 6% interest for the two lots at the Northeast corner of 4th and <br /> Filmore Streets, was held for $275.00, cash. Upon motion made and seconded this <br /> 5 recommendation was accepted. <br /> The offer of M~ S. Barker of $700.00, $380.00 down and the balance in four <br /> equal payments, yearly for the Southeast corner of 6th and Polk Streets, was held <br /> 6 for the appraisal price of $1360.00 and the motion was carried. , <br /> The Finance Committee .recommended a counter offer of $400.00 on the offer <br /> of Clyde. McDougall, for $300.00, $60.00 down and the balance at $30.00 plus interes <br /> at 6% each 6 months for Lot 12, Block 1, Gilmore's Addition. Upon motion wde <br /> 7 and seconded this recommendation was accepted. <br /> I A counter offer of $800.00 was presented by.the Finance Committee on the <br /> offer of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hastings by H. E. CUlly, for the tract of land at the <br /> Southwest corner of Broadway and .Taylor at $650.00., Upon motion made and seconded <br /> 8 this counter offer was accepted. <br /> A counter offer of $800.00 was presented by the Finance Committee. on the <br /> offer of-Me P. Fraley by H. E. Cully, for the tract of land at the Southeast <br /> corner of Broadway and Taylor at $650.00. Upon motion made and seconded this <br /> 1 9 counter offer was accepted. <br /> The offer of H. E. Cully for client, Charles 'Decker, of $250.00 cash for <br /> the tract of land on the East side of Taylor Street between Broadway and 10 th <br /> 10 Street was accepted. Upon motion made and seconded this motion was carried. <br /> A counter offer of $400.00 was presented by the Finance Comnlittee on the <br /> offer of W. A.Craft's offer of $350.00 cash, $100.00 down and the balance in 24 <br /> monthly payments for part of Lots 4 and 5, Huddleston's Addition. Upon motion <br /> 11 made and seconded this counter offer was accpeted. <br /> A counter offer of 1600.00 on the offer of Mrs. Manita Mazur for $350.00 <br /> cash, for Lot 8, Block 5, Hollenbeck Addition was presented bJttt.he: Elnari.<:re Committee. <br /> .... <br />