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<br /> 566 <br /> , , <br /> -, - - . - ., <br /> - - -- ~.- _.._.~ - - -. . - ~- - - ' -, ---- ~. - - , ,- ... - ---. <br /> __ n_ _ _ _ <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> November 24, 1941 <br /> v"l The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held on Monday I <br /> ~~ even~ng, November 24, 1941 at 7:30. All councilmen were present with the exceptio <br /> ,~ of Brownson. <br /> .;,...."'"'''' <br /> The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and the meeting <br /> 2 herewi~h called to order by Mayor Large. <br /> Mayor Large stated there were two represenatives of the Public Works Reserves <br /> present and .they would like to state their case to the Council. Mr. W. M. Bartlet I <br /> State Director of P. W. R., addressed the council. He said undoubtedly at the <br /> close of the war there would be a large amount of unemployment and their workat <br /> this time was to prepare and provide means whereby this unemployment slack might <br /> be taken up. He said at the close of ,the first world there had been no preparatio <br /> taken so that there might be work for the unemployed. He said they were asking <br /> the different poIitical subdivisions to prepare plans for Public Works at the clos <br /> of the war or at the close of the defense period. We~l prepared plans should be <br /> made by all cities for work that would be needed and that in case any government <br /> money was a~ailable for the public works, these projects would be in line to be <br /> started at once. These projects should be well engineered and all blueprints pre- <br /> pared in advance. It was his understanding there was a move through the League <br /> of Oregon Cities to present a bill to the next legislature allowing cities to <br /> accumulate funds in advance for these needed projects. It was absolutely necessar <br /> that all of the details in regard to titles to property should be arranged in <br /> advance so that there would be no delay in taking care of the unemployment <br /> 3 situation. <br /> . <br /> Mr. A. B. Laud addressed the council and stated that previous to the fire <br /> at Willamette Park he had contracted Duke Ellington's band at whatever date, possib e <br /> for them to ~ive him in Eugene. He stated since the fire there was no available' <br /> place to hold this performance ~xcept the armory and he was requesting the council . <br /> that he be allowed the use of the armory for this performance of the Duke Ellingto <br /> band on Sunday, December 7th. Councilman Hawn stated he did not think ,it was the <br /> policy of the council to allow promis.cuous danc es on Sunday, but that this band <br /> would be of equal,attracti6n to the various concerts carried on by the University I <br /> at McArthur Court. He stated it,w2s not often they. could get ,a band of this <br /> character in Eugene and he for one would be willing to grant Mr. Laud's request. <br /> Mr. Bond said Mr. Laud had conducted-a very respectable place at his dance hall <br /> and he had been unfortunate and he would like to see Mr. Laud be granted the <br /> performance he requested, but he wondered what the council we.s going to do if in <br /> anothe'r two weeks someone else came along with the same kind of a request. He' <br /> said they could not turn another request down without being inconsistent and he <br /> thought the time to stop the arguments would be nowi,instead of later. He stated <br /> there would be probably four to six hundred people that would want this performanc <br /> to be held on Sunday while there would probably be from three to five thousand <br /> church people who would object to the dance being held on Sunday.' Councilman <br /> Farrington said he agreed with Mr. Bond.. Councilman Pennington said in regard <br /> to the request before the council, they should do what they could for Mr. Laud <br /> at this time. Just before was taken, Councilman. Brownson came into. <br /> the Council chambers. The question was calied for and on vote it was uncertain <br /> to the outcome. Mayor Large asked for roll call which was as follows: those <br /> voting aye, Koppe, Hawn, Brownson and Pennington; no, Barette, Bond, Farrington <br /> and Stewart. This being a tie vote, the Mayor cast his vote as aye. The request <br /> 4' was granted. ~ <br /> The Judiciary Committee had no report. . <br /> The Finance Committee recommended a counter offer of $330.00 on the offer of <br /> LeRoy Peterson of $300.00 for Lot 10,~JBlock 1, Mark Fleming Addition. $60.00 <br /> cash and the balance at $10.00 per month\with interest at 6%. This recammendation I <br /> 5 of the Finance Committee was adopted by the council. <br /> mhe offer of M. P., Fraley of $200.00 for the North 45 feet of Lot 11, Block 1, <br /> Driverton's Addition, $40.00 cas4 and the balance at $10.00 per month, plus interest. <br /> 6, at 6% was rejected by the Finance Committee and the Council. ' <br /> The offer of Edith Gardiner for client W~ B. Pitchford of $250.00, $50.0'0 <br /> cash and.the balance at $10.00 per month plus interest at 6% for the North 45 <br /> f~et of Lot 11, Block 1, Driverton'sAddition was accepted by the ~'inance Committee I <br /> ? and the Council. <br /> The offer of Weir McDonald for 62.5 feet of Victoria BOUlevard, the West <br /> part of Lot 20 and the East part of Lot 21, Block 3, Victoria Heights Replat for <br /> 8J $500.00 cash was accepted by the Finance Committee and the council. <br /> A counter offer of $500.00 wes recommended by the J!~i.Qance Vommittee on the <br /> offer of W. T. Scott of $450.00 cahs for Lot 6, Block 9, Hollenbeck Addition. <br /> 9 5Rhls counter offer was accepted by the council. <br /> The offer of Cordelia Evans f~..r ~lient Carl Omlie of $75-1-00 cash for the <br /> ~I <br />