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<br /> ~ <br /> 575, <br /> - <br /> . . ,-~ ---.. .~ _.- -~ -.--- - --_. - ~-~-- <br /> - - - - ,- ~ ---- --- -- - -- ._,.-.- ..- - '---'. <br /> NOTICE OF SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING <br /> I To the Members of ,the Common Council of the City of Eugene ~ <br /> '"'l <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on this 15th day of December, 1941, the Mayor of Eugene ;:)1 <br /> hereby calls a meeting to be held at 7:30 o'clock P. M. in the Council Chambers ;i~::::: <br /> of the City of Eugene for the following purposes: :c~,....,.. <br /> "~ <br /> For the purpose of passing an ordinance having to do with enforcing blackouts. <br /> Also, to appoint new pol~cemen and firemen ,and such other business as may come up. <br /> I Decembe-r 15, 1941 ' /s/ ELISHA lARGE <br /> Eugene, ore~on Mayor * <br /> * * * * * * <br /> Council Chambers,Eugene, Oregon <br /> December 15, 1941 <br /> All councilmen were present and the meeting was called to order by Mayor <br /> Large. <br /> Mayor Large explained that the meeting had ,been called for the adoption <br /> 1 of three ordinances in regard ,to national defense and traffic regulations. <br /> An ordinance relating to National defense, providing for observance of <br /> blackouts or other restrictions imposed by' civil authorities or by the army or <br /> navy of the United St8tes, providing for penalties for violation, and declaring <br /> an emergency, had its first reading and under suspension. of the rules was read for <br /> the second time. The Mayor called for objections and there being none, the <br /> ordinance had its third reqding. On roll call all councilmen voted aye. Ordinance <br /> 2 8704 was declared passed. <br /> "l;... <br /> An ordinance constituting and appointing the persons occupying the <br /> positions of Chief, Assistant Chief and Captain of the Fire Department of the City <br /> of Eugene, police officers of the City of Eugene, with authority to act as such <br /> and waiving the proyisions of the Civil_Service examination, had its first reading <br /> at this time and under suspension of the rules had its second reading. The Mayor <br /> I called for objections and there being none, the ordinance was read for the third <br /> time. Roll was called with all councilmen voting aye. Ordinance 8705 was declared <br /> 3 ~ passed. <br /> . An ordinance adopti~g by reference the provisions of the Uniform Traffic <br /> Act being Sections 115-301" to 115-3,101 of Oregon Compiled Laws Annotated, as <br /> amended by Oregon Laws, 1941 in so far as applicable in the City of Eugene, limit- <br /> ing the penalty to the limitations of the Charter of the City of Eugene, and <br /> declaring an emergency, had its first reeding and under sus pension of the rules,' <br /> was read for the ,second time. The Mayor called for objections arid there being <br /> none, the ordinance had its third reading. On roll call, all councilmen voted aye. <br /> 4 ~dinance 8706 was declared passed. <br /> Councilman Hawn stated it had been suggested that all of the councilmen <br /> should be sworn in as Deputy Sheriffs to serve in case of an emergency. H,e stated <br /> at the present time everyone was.:::part~cularly anxious tm,work as extra policemen <br /> but that in the course of two or three months the excitement would wear off and <br /> . many of them would not be available. He stated in event of an emergency, it would <br /> be necessary to have all of the police officers that could be had. Councilman <br /> Pennington pointed out that as a deputy sheriff the councilmen would not have' as <br /> ,much authority as if they were sworn in by the Police Reserves. A motion by Brown- <br /> son and seconded by Hawn that the Mayor and all of the councilmen should be deputiz d <br /> 5"'L was carried. <br /> Mayor Large said he wished to make the appointments for Policemen and Fire- <br /> I men at th~s time as authorized at the last council meeting. He appointed for <br /> Police officers, W. D. Crase and Neil F~ Ellis, to start work as of December 15th. <br /> On motion made and seconded the appointment of these two officers was confirmed <br /> by the council ahd their names ordered placed on the payroll. He then appointed <br /> as firemen, Gordon R. Byerly~ Ray Hicks Jr., Alanzo W. Knotts, Loren A. Skirvin <br /> and Kenneth H~ Schanno. All of these firemen to start work as of December 15th <br /> except Mr. Schanno who would start work ~on January 1st. On motion made and seconde <br /> the council confirmed the, appointmeiit'1-of"these firemen and their names were ordered <br /> 6 ~placed on the payroll. <br /> I Mayor Large said there was some controversy regarding Mr. Carley who was <br /> 'taking the place 'of."Leonard Kearney, who was on leave of absenc e in the police <br /> department and Mr. Cuddeback, who was taking the place of Robert Johnston, who was <br /> on leave of absence in the fire department. The questi,on was should these two men <br /> be continued as substitute-s or should they be placed on the permanent list and the <br /> la ter men be classed as,,:..substi tutes. Councilman Brownson, Hawn, Stewart and Bond <br /> all spoke in favor of put:t,i:ng Mr. Carley and Mr. Duddeback on the permanent list. <br /> A motion was made by Bond,:and seconded by Stewart that if and when~.:Mr. Johnston <br /> and Mr. Kearney should return for duty and it was necessary to remove anyone from <br /> ...4 <br />