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<br />I <br /> <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />16 <br />t7 <br />18 <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~ <br />,1.0,9 : <br /> <br />- - --.-. -- -'- <br />- ------_.....:-----;.~-~--:- ---- <br /> <br />, --If - <br />Ii' <br /> <br />9 <br /> <br />Raymond c., Coulter offers $1.600.00 for strip of land on the South ,side of <br />24th between Hilyard and Alder Streets (80' x 415')' <br />Appraised price: $2000.00. <br />Committee Recommendation,:, Counter Offer $2000.00. <br /> <br />Morris A., Arkin offers $500.00 cash f,or Lot 100 feet by approximat~ly 80 feet <br />at the ,Southwest corner 24th and Alder Streets. - <br />Richard B. Graves offers $500.00. cash for Lot 100 feet by' approximat,ely, 80 feet <br />at the Southeast ,corner of, 2.4,th and Hilyard Streets. ' <br />Apprai~e~ pri.ce:,$200q.00 for: the whole Lot -d415 feet by approximately 80 feet <br />(The C~ty to save 7 feet next to 24th). <br />Commi tte-e recolnme,ndation:, Coun,ter Of,fer $2000.00' entire, strip. <br /> <br />!: Lots sold by the City Manager since the December 10., _1945 meeting: <br />:;, <br /> <br />",;;;;.a <br />~ <br />,;Q <br /> <br />,} <br />I <br />f' <br />il <br />: '~ <br /> <br />r <br />l; <br />10 : <br />I'~ <br /> <br />L. S. Ne. wland1 for West side of Orchard Street beginning 217 feet ,South of 19tp. <br />50' x 160' -,55,0.00. ,'. <br /> <br />r James' K. Buell, for West side of Orchard Street beginning 167 feet South of 19th. <br />i! 50' x 160' - $550.00. . . <br />" <br />, <br /> <br />;1 George G. Pegg, for Lo,ts 7, 8,-:9, in Block 31 of Dr1-verton Addition- $1100.00. <br />" <br />II <br />;: Emerson, Abbott,,, for Lot, ,15 iilBlock 6. of Fairmount, Heights,. Addit-ion - $600.00. <br /> <br />A. L. Hawn, for the West half of Lot 7 in Block 6, Fairmount Heights Addition <br />II $375.-00. ' <br />!j <br />:, ~ <br />:! Brunce Anawalt, for the East half of Lo't 7 in Block 6, Fairmoun,t,,~Heights <br />i: Add i tion, - $375,.00., ' " .." ' , <br />i, <br />': Joseph M. Crandall, for Lot 266 feet by 121.10 f,eet on the North side of 26th <br />II Avenue East between Agate, and Columbia-Streets -$1181.04. <br />i.. <br />I: ..',.' . <br />\I Kenneth D~ Hirons" for Lots 5 and Sunset, Terraces - $1200..,00. <br />I:' <br />, <br />l' ~ <br /> <br />\ ~ <br />It was moved by Johnson, seconded by Crumbaker that the report of the Commit,tee <br />be adop,ted. Motion carried.. <br /> <br />1; <br />if <br />I: <br />, ' <br />I The fOllowing report of the Council Police Committee was submitted. and <br />~ read as'fol1ows~ <br />I~ <br />:i <br />h <br /> <br />"Your. Committee on Police <br />19 " measures begs to report as follows: <br />I on the fOllowing recommendations as <br />i: traffic moveme,~t,within the City: <br />'I <br />I,: <br />'" <br />r~ <br />I, <br />" <br />I <br /> <br />to, whom was referred various traffic control <br />We recommend action by the Common Council <br />a means of further' contrOlling parking and <br /> <br />1. :Purchasing, plac'ing and, maintaining of parking meters on Oak, Olive, <br />7th Street and so-called park blocks and completion of metering on 8th Street, <br />Broadway;16,th and 11 t'h. Streets b'etween Oak and Olive. I <br /> <br />:'; 2. The placing" and main.taining of, 12 minute parking meters on Broadway <br />, adjacent to the First National 'Bank and on 8th Street adjacent.,to,the U. s. <br />;1 Nati, Bank and, on Willamette Street, infront of the U. S. ..~ost~?ffice. <br /> <br />" <br />t, <br />I': <br /> <br />3. Provisions for two hour metered parking on Oak and Olive. Streets <br />and' one-half blL.ock on the South s~de of Br,oadw~y..from. Oak Street East., <br /> <br />"'- <br /> <br />.' <br /> <br />;,4. 'Extension of ,the- one:-:7h0ur-~,parking limit to Lincoln. Street on ~he <br />! West, High Street on the Eas,t, 5th Street on the North and 13th Street on the" <br />11 South, all limits to be "inclusive of the streets named with, one hour parking on <br />:.) Willamette Stree,t ,extended to 14th Street. . ' . <br />'I --- <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />! <br />..I <br /> <br />5. Erection of stop -slgns-t-6 control North and South t'raffic on 17th <br />::, Street at the intersections of Olive, Lawrence and WaShington Streets and erection <br />:; of a stop sign controlling East bound traffic at 17th and Lincoln and a stop sign <br />:' con:trolling, West bound traffic a:t.17th and Charnel ton. <br /> <br />i, 6. Erection of stop signs controlling East and West traffic on the <br />,J intersect,ions of Ath. and 5th.. Stre~.ts ,at.. Pol,k .Str.eet... <br />i' <br />: 7. Placing of reflectors on the curbing surrounding the park area, on <br />11- Agate Street to illuminate the. .for nigh,t driv,ing.. <br />I'" <br />I <br /> <br />i'l 8. Prohibiting left-hand turns at the intersections of 8th Street and <br />I: Willamette and 10th Street and Willamette." <br />;: <br /> <br />It was moved by Hawn, seconded by Bailey' that the reco~endation in the report <br />: relative to a stop sign at 17th and Washington be approved. Motion carried. <br />I' <br />I <br /> <br />~ <br />