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<br />, 4 77~ <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />---------~--- -~---~'------ ~----~------ -----~---~=----- ----- ._-.--~--- - --------~- ---'. - -: - - ~ -- - -- -.- <br />==.: _'-.c=. '--:-_-:-=:-:'--- -cf ----=:::-: '----=-,-::-..:-c_ ,-, ,.":,--::C :.,~::::. :~::.::..:c..: ::"'::~,,-..:--==..:::' '-:,,'=.c--=-=:.c-==-:-=- ":,'--.~=-:-:CC-_~'.-=:-":',-=-=-..::-~ -'-=--_~--:=:---=-c:.:.~-:.:-,,;-~ ---:::-cc'~,'~:..:..c: -..::.:,.,.;..=---'~,~ ,c:~ <br /> <br /> <br />- !i Upon motion the letter was ordered received and placed on file. <br /> <br />I [';:, . Mayor M?Nu~t then s~bmitted the following n~mes ~s his appointees to <br />6 !: the Plann~ng ComrnJ.:ss~on, appolntments to take effect ~mmed~a tely. ~, <br /> <br />\, '. ~.. <br />I: Carl Koppee Term to expire January 1, 1950 ~ <br />Ii Harry Aldrich January 1, 1949 <br />ii Art Richards January 1, 1950 <br />L Earl Peterson January 1, 1948 <br />~ J. R. Bruckart January 1, ~949 <br />;' Bob Booth January 1, 1950 <br />I; January 1, 1948 <br />i: Upon mo~ion duly made and seconded, the Council duly confirmed the appointees <br />o as subm~tted. <br /> <br />!l REPORTS OF OFFICERS <br />!! <br /> <br />? ii A report from the Sanitarian, W. J. Cloyes, was submitted and read as <br />1'1' follows: <br />l." <br /> <br />ii "As per your request a review of the application for a tent and meeting <br />~ place to be erected at West 8th and Chambers Street, Eugene, Oregon by W. P. <br />, Phillips, was made by this department on this date. <br />;1 <br />;! In view of the absence of sanitary facilities on or adjacent to this <br />ii property, it is recommended that the application be denied." <br />4 ' <br />J' <br />:; It was moved by Crumbaker, seconded by Hawn that the report be received and placed <br />,; on file an~ that the City ~;Janager ~e instruc~ed to negotiate with the applicant <br />;: for select~on of a more su~table slte that wlll meet the approval of the Police, <br />1.,1, Fire and Health authori ti es. Motion carried. I <br />'I <br />!: A report by the Board of Viewers on the opening of Tyler Street from I <br />8 :' 12th Avenue West to 14th Avenue West, setting forth total damages of $1250.00 <br />:: for the acquisition of two tracts, one 33 1/2' x 334' and the second 66' x 160', <br />~j was submitted and read. <br />I <br /> <br />Ii: It was moved by Davis. seconded by Koppe that the report of the Viewers be approved <br />I: and adopted and that the City Recorde'r be instructed to send out the notices as <br />!; required by law and that a public hearing on the report be set for the adjourned <br />ji meeting of the Common Counc il July 29, 1946. Motion carried. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />(:; /,- 'rhe City Manager s ubmi tted the following report on the appointment of ! <br />: 'William G. East as City Attorney. ! <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />'..' "Shortly following the last meeting of the Common Gouncil I received a <br />9 ',': letter from Mr. S. M. Calkins in which he submitted his resignation as City II <br />:! Attorney of Eugene. <br />to ~ <br /> <br />!: This resigna tion, termina ting many years of conscientious and outstanding I <br />i! service to the municipal government, has been accepted with regret. As the \ <br />!' members' of the council judiciary committee will recall, Mr. Calkins submitted his I <br />resignation a year ago, asking to be relieved of his duties at that time because <br />, of the press of private practice. At that time he was prevailed upon to serve I <br />, one more year. I <br /> <br />~ After a very careful consideration of several applications for the I <br />!., vacated position and following consultation with your judiciary committee, I have I <br />i: the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Mr. William G. East as City Attorney, ! <br />:j effective immediately.' ," <br />I:, <br />I ' <br />:: ,Mr. East attended grade and high schools at Salem, Oregon and graduated I <br />:: from the University of Oregon Law School in 1932, entering the practice of law inl <br />I: Eugene the same year as an associate in the offices of Harris, Smith & Bryson, I <br />h where he continued until 1937 at which time he took over the law office and practic~ <br />~ of the late Charles A. Hardy. In 1941 he joined the law office of Harris, Bryson, ~ <br />I; & East and was a member at the time of entering active military service in July, , <br />~ 1942. ' <br />" <br />,I <br />~ !: Mr. East served three and a half years in the army, spending a third of <br />I Ii this time in tIle European theatre as an infantry officer detailed to Civil Affairs <br />:" in France and Military Government in Germany and Austria. He spent nine consecu- <br />, _ !; tive months with combat divisions and was awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge <br />:, ,/ ii and Purple Heart. Upon release from service I'Ilr. East re-en.tered the practice of i <br />I; law in Eugene in February of this year with his associate Mr-. Sidney A. Milligan. <br />'.t ,.....! <br />., i <br />P I believe him to be well qualified for the position of city attorney and <br />~ I sincerely hope that the Common Council will concur in this judgment. ' <br /> <br />:' . I would like also' to take this opportunity of expr~ssing my gratification <br />,: to Mr. Calkins for the fine cooperation given my office during the past eighteen <br /> <br />;; months, and p~~ticularly for his willingness t~ serve this past year at the cost <br />!, <br />" <br /> <br />~ <br />