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<br />.. , ~ <br />5.49 <br />, .<:..} <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />~~-~=--~----=-=---=-- _-.:- -::__--=-_:-::::-__~ _~ ~. ~ _____=-~-c_ _._.....:..___~_=_ _ -=--=--____.~..:~.:.:.-_=_=___:..:::_~=_=_____:.__=_~_~-..:~~=__~~_=_==_:~~-~:~.::=____=___=_____=__=___.:....:..~~~:..:...._..:.___=__________~~- ..__ _-_---------=-~....:___=______: <br />--. -.. .'.C:'::' -.----. '.~' --,. :~-- ..e-::- . -- .n. . .. _. - . -c.:c..-:. "~'--:'::--=~.-C'__-C:::'~:--'-- ._=--.-::c. .'.' -=-:=::-=...._=-c:- -.-~-,c.c-._=-. ~'.e :--':"-C_--:""::'.' --=--,--- -..., . ..-.:.e:_=.c -- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />[i The third monthly estima te on the contract held by Empire Construction <br />I ,~ Company for the construction of the Amazon Interceptor Sewer Unit No. 1 was filed <br />~ by the City Engineer in the sum of $34,430.13 ' <br />I' (Jl <br />11 It was moved by Koppe, seconded by Hawn that the estimates as submitted by the :,J;;., <br />I!: City Engineer be approved and that the proper city officers be instructed to issue ..:t" <br />! the necessary warrants in payment thereof. Rollcall - All Councilmen present (/" <br />I: voting AYE. <br />I' <br />I <br />,; REPORTS OF OFFICERS <br />I <br />II <br />I Mayor Earl L. McNutt submitted the name of Roy Maxwell Morse as a <br />4 : member of the Civil Service Commission to succeed Mr. Roy Morse, Senior, resigned. <br />,I <br /> <br />I: It was moved by Bailey, seconded by Koppe that the report of the Mayor b~e received <br />t and placed on file and the appointment of Mr. Morse be confirmed. Motion carried. <br /> <br />'.I <br /> <br />II; A report of the City Manager re: Pet it ions of various city employees <br />5 ,I for wage bonus payments, was submitted and read. <br />'I <br />j: "This office has recently received a petition, addressed jointly to <br />I: the Manager and the Members of the Common Council and signed by forty members of <br />Il the street and fire departments asking for the payment of "Cost of Living" <br />~ bonuses for the balance of the fiscal year. <br /> <br />Ii In conversations wi th representatives of these groups, I have di scussed <br />I: current budget restrictions that would prohibi t any blanket increases during this <br />!, fiscal year. It has been point out to the pe ti tioners tha t limited cont igency <br />ii, funds in the 1946-47 budget would have to be used to finance the projected east <br />I:; side fire substation, an item that could not be foreseen at the time of the pre- <br />~ paration of the budget. <br /> <br />"I: I have no specific recommendation to make in submitting these petitions <br />i except to state that we are prepared to furnish the finance committee wi th all j <br />r necessary 'data and analyses on our salary and wage structure should the council : <br />I \' see fit to give further study to the request at this time." I <br /> <br />Ilj: It was moved by Bailey, seconded by Allen tha t the report of the City Manager be i <br />: received and placed on file and that the matter be referred to the Finance Com- , <br />I: mittee. . Motion carried. <br />I' I <br /> <br />;; A report from the City Manager re: Mill Race Junction Highway Project, <br />~ etc., was submitted and read as follows: <br />''I <br />I' <br />~ "As a result of action taken by the Council at its special meeting held <br />6 !; October 30th, the offices of the State Highway Commission were notified of the I <br />I! City's acquisition of the Mill Race properties and its instructions to the Mayor <br />,'i and the Manager to continue negotiations for a State-County-City Agreement on the <br />I; Mill Race Junction Highway Project. As of this date I have been notified by the <br />r: State Highway Department that it will be necessary for the city's representatives I <br />'I: to appear before the State Highway Commission to present a plan for an agreement I <br />i; wherein the City will commit itself only to -the extent, of its $500,000.00 Bond <br />I Issue. as its share of the completed job. Accordingly, we will seek an audience <br />I! with the Highway Commission and will make such presentation at the next commission <br />I: meeti~g to be held November 26, 1946. : ! <br /> <br />r In connection with the remodeling ,of the third floor of the City Hall, I <br />I final"work is being completed this week and .will shortly house the offices of the I <br />~ Civil "Aeronautics Assn. and the Rent ControL office of the OPA. The inspection <br />I of the se offices by the members of the City .Council at thei,r convenience is invi ted. <br />,I. . , <br />I" . , <br />It . I wish to report that ground preparation work in the playground are"a a't i <br />I: 19th and Lawrence, including the installation of approximately 6,000 feet of drain I <br />~ tile and sewers will begin in the near futu~e and it is hoped to start development <br />! of a portion of this recreatio[1 area, by early spring. I <br /> <br />I , <br />I;, I should like to also report at this time the receipt. of a pumping unit <br />'I' from the War Surplus Administration which was purchased at a cost of ~280.00. This I <br />I unit together with'a large steel tank, fabricated by our Street Department crew I <br />I '. will be built on a truck- unit for use both as a flusher and as an, auxilliary unit I <br />\. for fighting brush and grass fires." <br />.-: I <br />. , " I <br />I It was moved by Bailey, seconded by Hawn that the report of the Manager be received II <br />I, and placed on file. Motion carried. ' <br />t . . I <br />I .' I <br />f, . \ <br />r ~ <br />I , <br />I' i <br />I <br />I, . . . <br /> <br />I <br />, . <br /> <br />~ <br />