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<br />Robert Glass, 258 East 10th Avenue, and John Peterson, 2454 Wilson Drive, felt ,the <br />benefits to the community would accrue regardless of the building,'s 'location and wondered <br />whether the building could be located so as not to straddle the ?lley,., , They said closure <br />of the alley would have direct bearing on their dentistry practice. <br /> <br />. Mr. Hazen welcomed use by the dentists and their patients of the thoroughfares which <br />will be provided through his firm's property. He said construction of the building <br />as planned would not be possible without vacation of the public 'al~ey. <br /> <br />Manager reported negotiations between Public Works right~of-way agent and Mr. Amacher <br />resulted in setting a valuation of $15,804.26 for the assessment against abutting prop- <br />erties, which is the value of the land plus City's cost and assessment, for paving. <br /> <br />Discussion continued with regard to public access to adjacent dentistry offices, use <br />of alleys as main thoroughfares rather than service access only, provision for pedes- <br />trian and bicycle traffic, general vacation of alleys in the downtown area, inconven- <br />ience to the gene~al public. Councilman Mohr asked who would be responsible for mainte- <br />nance of the pedestrian and bicycle ways through the Bank I s property. Manager replied <br />that maintenance could ~e added as a condit'ion of the vacation. He added clarification <br />of basis on which decision should be made to vacate - only if benefit to the 'public out- <br />weighs any disadvantage to the public. <br /> <br />M:r.J:1oh~moved .second~d, by ,Mrs. Beal that the ,bill be read,the seqond time <br />by council bill number only, with unanimous consent, :of th,e,. 'Counc:i,l, ~nd <br />that enactment be considered at this time, the ordinance to include condi- <br />.- tions set forth by, Planning Commission in its recommendation, as well as <br />,the condition that the property owner maintain ,th~ pedestrian .and picycle" <br />I ,throughway at his, expense. . <br />.' . . ) <br /> <br />t f._ <br />,Mr. Mqhr .asked if,~he .$15 ,,80~. 26 assessment would be included, in the vacating ordinance, <br />and whether ,there would be further opportUn:~,ty fOr'.,rev.iew,of the developmen:t;., plans. <br />Manager replied that properties abutting the alley on each side would be assessed, and <br />that only when application is made for the building permit would there be opportunity <br />: for. further ,review. 'r <br /> <br />'. " '.',. ,- <br /> <br />Planning Direc~or explained that normally easements on private property for pedestrian <br />. . <br />ways must be maintained by the property owner. <br /> <br />. . . .' , ' <br />Vote was taken on the ,motion for second reading by co UB ci,J,' bill ~urnbe!',onl-y', <br />with unanimous consent. Councilmen Hershner and Teague voting no, the bill <br />was ,held over for second reading. I '" <br /> <br /> <br />I ~. . ., _ <br />D. Rezoning Property, 120 feet south of 29th Avenue,petween Willa~ette and Portland <br />(Scott) - Planning Commission July 11, 1972 recommended denial of request to rezone <br />from RA and R-3 to C-2. Council August 14, 1972 referred to joint session with <br />. Planning Commission on September 18, 1972. Planning Commission at joint session <br />reaffirmed its previous recommendation to deny rezoning. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved 'seconded by Mrs. Beal to sustain the pianning Commission recom- <br />mendation and deny the rezoning. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br /> <br />E. Bid Opening :- Public Works Department <br />September 19,1972 Contract Cost to Cost to Amount <br />Project and Name of Bidder Cost Abutting Property City, Budgeted <br />Storm Sewer <br />North of Richard Avenue from Fair- <br />field to Burlington Northern Rail- <br />road tracks (241-A) .. <br />Devereaux & Pratt, Inc. $47,852.30 - $47,852.30 $48,000.00 <br />Shur-Way Contractors 49,978.25 <br />Kenneth R. Bostick Construction 55,399'..60 <br />Cushing Bros., Inc. 59,477.00 <br />Wildish Construction Co. 70,716.70 Completion Date: November 15, 1972 <br /> <br />Between Edison and Wood from Burl- <br />. ington North RR tracks to Bethel <br />Drive (214-B) <br />Wildish Construction Co. 41,970.90 - 41,970.90 42,000.00 <br />- Shur-Way Contractors 44,324.90 <br />Cushing Bros., Inc. . 44,432.00 Completion Date: Novemberl5, 1972 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />2 (5 / 9/25/72 - 3 <br /> <br />\ , ---- <br />