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<br />Sanitary Sewer <br />Between D.S.Highway 99 and 400 <br />feet west and between 5th and <br />1700 feet northwest (886) <br />Kenneth R. Bostick Construction $ 8,606.00 San $0.073/sq.ft. - - . <br />Shur-Way Contractors 9,042.00 Levy 0.005/sq.ft. " <br />C. H. Lyons 10,773.80 . <br />Wildish Construction Co. 10,871.00 <br />Cushing Bros., Inc. 13,946.00 Completion Date: November 15, 1972 <br /> <br /> <br />September 25, 1972 <br /> <br />Sanitary, Sewe,r <br />wi thin McD' sPlat and wi thin 160. <br />feet north of 23rd between Grant <br />and Garfield ..(873) <br />Shur-Way Contractors 3,437.00' Lat 0.044/sq.ft. - - <br />C. H. Lyons 4;882.00 ~erv $259.37 ea (4-McD) <br />Wild ish Construction Co. 5,464.72 LeyY 0.005/sq.ft. <br /> <br />C '"' Completion Date: November 1,1972 <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal to award contract to the low bidder on I <br />each of the projects. <br /> <br />Virginia Burgoyne, 1955 East 23rd Avenue, objected to being assessed for the sewer to .' . <br />serve McD's Plat across the street from her property on the basis that she did not peti- <br />tion for it and a portion of her property is already served with sewers. Further, a <br />portion of her property is downhill from the sewer proposed to serve the McD property <br />and she does not feel that portion could be benefited by th~ facility. Manager noted <br />letter received from Mrs. Burgoyne stating her objections and reviewed standard procedure I <br />for petitioning public improvements. ',I <br /> <br />Considerable discussion ensued with regard to availability of sewer from another di- .~' <br />rection, square footage involved, estimated amount of assessment, potential building <br />sites, etc. Assistant Public Works Director explained the sewer design on which bids <br />were called and said the most westerly portion of the property was excluded from this <br />line. Consensus of the Council was to look at the property on tour, which resulted in <br />withdrawal of the motion with the consent of the second. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal to hold award of contract on construction <br />of sewer in McD's Plat and arrange a tour to look at the property involved, <br />and to awar~ contr~ct to the low bidder on each of the other projects. Rollcall <br />vote. All councilmen present voting aye, except Mr. McDonald abstaining, <br />motion carried; <br /> <br /> <br />F. Levying Assessments ~ <br /> <br />~'eoui;lCil Bill No. 71 - Levying assessments for paving, sanitary and storm sewers <br />Pacific Highway West and Roosevelt Boulevard extended 450 feet west of centerline of I <br />Pacific Highway West on Roosevelt Boulevard and extended 460 feet east of centerine <br />of Pacific Highway West on Roosevelt Boulevard, was submitted and read the first time <br />on August 28, 1972 arid held to this date to allow proper notice of assessment to be <br />gi veri owners of affected properties, now brought back for consi21.eration with no written <br />protests on file. There were no objections from the floor. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal that the bill be read the second time by council bill <br />number only, with unanimous consent of the Council, and that enactment be considered at <br />this time. Motion carried unanimously and the bill was read the. second time by council <br />bill number only. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal that the bill be approved and given final 'passage. <br />Rollcall vote. All councilmen present voting aye, the bill was declared passed and <br />numbered 16625. <br /> <br /> <br />II - Items Considered With One Motion <br />Previously c1!; committee meetings on September 13 (Present: Mayor Anderson;Council- .' <br />men Mohr, .Beal~ Wllllams, Hershner, Campbell, and Bradshaw) and September 20, 1972 (Pre-",,~ <br />...... ,. ., ~ . <br />sent: Mayor Anderson; Councilmen Mohr, McDonald (arrived later)~ Teague, Hershner, and <br />Bradshaw). Minutes of those meetings appear below printed in italics. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />2 82 9/25/72 - 4 <br />