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<br /> MINUTES <br /> 11 Eugene City Council <br /> Eugene City Hall--McNutt Room <br /> November 12, 1986 <br /> Noon <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Richard Hansen, Debra Ehrman, Emily Schue, Cynthia <br /> Wooten, Freeman Holmer, Ruth Bascom, Roger Rutan, <br /> Jeff Mi 11 er <br /> The adjourned meeting of October 27, 1986, of the City Council of the City of <br /> Eugene, Oregon, was called to order by His Honor Mayor Brian B. Obie. <br /> . <br /> 1. ITEMS FROM COUNCIL, MAYOR, AND CITY MANAGER <br /> A. Council Goal-Setting Session <br /> Mr. Rutan said the council's goal-setting session was productive. <br /> Later in the meeting, Mr. Miller said the goal-setting session went well but <br /> it seemed to be unfinished. He said the City does not have enough funds to <br /> complete projects identified previously as well as projects identified this <br /> year. He suggested the councilors have a "centering" session in which they <br /> discuss and agree on projects that should be priorities. He said he expects <br /> the budget process to be difficult unless the councilors can agree on the most <br /> e important things. He suggested the facilitator talk with councilors privately <br /> and then facilitate a session in which competing priorities are discussed and <br /> resolved. <br /> Ms. Schue suggested the councilors discuss financial priorities again. <br /> Mayor Obie said he also felt the goal-setting session was not finished. <br /> Discussing the roles of the Budget Committee and the City Council, Mr. Holmer <br /> said the council has the responsibility for setting policy but the council <br /> should recognize the contribution the Budget Committee can make to <br /> deliberations. <br /> B. Investments in the Community <br /> Mr. Rutan said the council recognized the significant investment EWEB is <br /> making in the community today at the council's work session and the council <br /> should also recognize the significant investment that the renovation of Valley <br /> River Center demonstrates. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 12, 1986 Page 1 <br />