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<br /> C. League of Oregon Cities <br /> e Ms. Bascom said Mayor Obie and Ms. Schue made significant contributions during <br /> the recent League of Oregon Cities Convention. <br /> Ms. Schue said the meetings went well and people seemed to enjoy Eugene. <br /> D. Future of our Library Committee <br /> Ms. Ehrman said the Future of our Li bra ry Commi ttee will have a public <br /> information session on Saturday, November 15, 1986. <br /> II. SECOND READING: WILLAMETTE GREENWAY CODE REVISIONS <br /> Council Bill 2961 was read the second time by council bill number only. <br /> CB 2961--An ordinance concerning the Willamette Greenway; and <br /> amending Section 9.260 of the Eugene Code, 1971. <br /> Mr. Hansen moved, seconded by Ms. Ehrman, that the bill <br /> be approved and given final passage. <br /> Ms. Ehrman said she wi 11 support the motion but she does not think the <br /> revisions offer enough protection for the Willamette Greenway. She said she <br /> hopes the council will focus on protections for the Greenway in the future. <br /> Ms. Wooten said she will oppose the motion. She said she asked that <br /> e consideration of the Willamette Greenway be moved forward in the Planning <br /> Commission's and the council's work programs. <br /> The motion passed 7:1; with Councilors Hansen, Ehrman, <br /> Schue, Holmer, Bascom, Miller, and Rutan voting aye ana <br /> Councilor Wooten voting nay, the bill was declared passed <br /> (and became Ordinance 19422). <br /> III. ORDINANCE AMENDING DOWNTOWN COMMISSION MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA <br /> Mayor Obie said the Mayor, Council President, and the Council Vice president <br /> met as the Council Subcommittee on Committees with representatives of the <br /> Downtown Commission to discuss the downtown residency requi rement for <br /> Downtown Commissioners. <br /> Elaine Stewart of the Development Department distributed a map of the <br /> downtown. She said there are about 360 households in the Downtown Plan <br /> boundary and about 800 additional households within two-blocks of the Downtown <br /> Plan boundary. <br /> CB 2920--An ordinance concerning the Downtown Commission; and <br /> amending Section 2.157 of the Eugene Code. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 12, 1986 Page 2 <br /> ----- <br />