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<br /> Mr. Hansen moved, sec~nded by Ms. Ehrman, that the bill <br /> be read the second time by council bill number only, with <br /> e unanimous consent of the council, and enactment be <br /> considered at this time. <br /> Answering questions from Ms. Wooten, Mayor Obie said the existing ordinance <br /> does not require a Downtown Commissioner to live within two blocks of the <br /> Downtown Plan boundary. The ordi nance encourages the appoi ntment of a <br /> commissioner who lives within the Downtown Plan boundary. He said there are <br /> very few applicants for positions on the Downtown Commission who live within <br /> the Downtown Plan boundary. <br /> Ms. Wooten suggested that the vacant positions on the Downtown Commission be <br /> re-advertised if the motion passes. <br /> Ms. Ehrman said the members of the Subcommittee on Committees expressed <br /> concern about participation of downtown residents in planning for the <br /> downtown. She added that the Downtown Commissioners know they should make <br /> special efforts to encourage the participation of downtown residents. <br /> The motion carried unanimously, 8:0. <br /> Council Bill 2920 was read the second time by council bill number only. <br /> Mr. Hansen moved, seconded by Ms. Ehrman, that the bill be <br /> approved and given final passage. All councilors present <br /> voting aye, the bill was declared passed (and became <br /> Ordinance No. 19423). <br /> e <br /> IV. BALLOT FOR INTERVIEWEES FOR DOWNTOWN COMMISSION AND PLANNING <br /> COMMISSION OPENINGS <br /> City Manager Micheal Gleason introduced the items. Cathy Freedman of the City <br /> Manager's Office discussed the change in residency requirements for downtown <br /> Commissioners that the council just approved. She also noted that Randy <br /> Thwing has notified the Planning Director that he will resign from the <br /> Planning Commission because he has been elected to the EWEB Boa rd 0 f <br /> Directors; consequently, there will be two vacant positions on the Planning <br /> Commission. <br /> Mr. Hansen suggested that the positions on the Planning Commission and <br /> Downtown Commission be advertised again. <br /> Ms. Schue said Mr. Thwing1s resignation will allow a lawyer to be appointed to <br /> the Planning Commission. A lawyer could not have been appointed before <br /> because only two Planning Commissioners can be engaged in the same occupation <br /> and Mr. Thwing and Gerry Gaydos are lawyers. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 12, 1986 Page 3 <br />