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<br /> Ms. Ehrman moved, seconded by Mr. Holmer, to prepare revisions <br /> to the solar access regulations and schedule a public hearing <br /> e for City Council consideration. <br /> Ms. Bascom said the solar access protections provide an opportunity for the <br /> council to address a new property right which is the right to sunlight on a <br /> lot. She said it is a women's issue because women have been at home and have <br /> learned the value of sunlight in a house and a yard. <br /> Mr. Miller said solar access should be protected for future generations. He <br /> said he has tried to find a compromise between the objections to the existing <br /> regulations and the regulations so that a consensus can be obtained. He said <br /> several City ordinances, such as those that restrict lot sizes, impact the <br /> proposed regulations. He said building industry representatives will be <br /> enthusiastic about implementing the regulations if a consensus can be reached. <br /> Answering a question from Mr. Rutan, Ms. Ehrman said the motion implies that <br /> the existing regulations will not be implemented if the motion passes. Mr. <br /> Rutan asked that the motion include a specific statement that the existing <br /> regulations will not be implemented and Ms. Ehrman and Mayor Obie agreed to <br /> hi s request. <br /> Mr. Bennett said he supports the motion. He said the Planning Commission did <br /> not receive much comment from representatives of the building industry when it <br /> considered the existing regulations. He would like to have comments from the <br /> industry. He said it is also important that EWES representatives state their <br /> position clearly. <br /> e Ms. Ehrman said she will not support the motion. She said the City has been <br /> working on the regulations for two years and their implementation should not <br /> be delayed. <br /> Answering a question from Ms. Bascom, Ms. Ehrman said the "revisions" in the <br /> motion were the four changes discussed by Mr. Croteau. <br /> Mayor Obie agreed with Ms. Ehrman and said the following fifth revision should <br /> be included: <br /> 5. Homes built in existing neighborhoods may be compatible with <br /> existing homes in the neighborhood. <br /> Mr. Croteau reviewed the revisions. He said the slope adjustments (No. 4) <br /> would be changed every five degrees. <br /> Ms. Schue said enough time has been spent on the solar access protections. <br /> The Homebuilders Association had opportunities to comment. She said she <br /> approves of the change in slope increments that can be implemented <br /> administratively. Other changes can be reviewed in a year. She will oppose <br /> the motion. <br /> Ms. Bascom said she will oppose the motion because a change in the solar fence <br /> would weaken the regulations. She said the other changes seem to have some <br /> - MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 28, 1987 Page 4 <br />