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<br /> merit. She suggested the addi t ion of a mandatory counci 1 revi ew of the <br /> ordinance in a year to see if the regulations protect solar access or are a <br /> e hardship for the building industry. <br /> Mr. Holmer said he supports solar protections but would like a public hearing <br /> on the proposed changes. <br /> Responding to a question from Ms. Bascom, Mr. Gleason said a public hearing <br /> could be scheduled for October 12 or October 26. Several councilors said they <br /> will not be present on those dates and Mr. Gleason said the public hearing <br /> will be scheduled when all councilors can be present. <br /> The motion is: <br /> Ms. Ehrman moved, seconded by Mr. Holmer, to prepare revisions <br /> to the solar access regulations, to schedule a public hearing <br /> for City Council consideration of them, and to defer <br /> implementation of the existing solar access regulations. <br /> The revisions are: <br /> 1. Change the date of solar access protection from December 21 <br /> to January 21. <br /> 2. Change the guaranteed building height from 24 to 26 feet. <br /> 3. Change the solar fence from eight feet to ten or twelve feet. <br /> e 4. Make slope adjustments at five percent increments. <br /> 5. Assure that houses built in existing neighborhoods may be <br /> compatible with other houses in the neighborhood. <br /> The motion carried 4:3 with Councilors Holmer, Miller, <br /> Rutan, and Bennett voting aye and Councilors Schue, <br /> Ehrman, and Bascom voting nay. <br /> III. FUNDING OF 4TH STREET PLAZA <br /> Ci ty Manager Mi chea 1 Gleason i nt roduced the item. Ga ry Long, Executive <br /> Manager of the Administrative Services Department, gave the staff report. He <br /> said the Downtown Plan includes improved access between the downtown and the <br /> Willamette River and a plaza on the river. EWEB incorporated the access and <br /> plaza into its Master Site Plan. The plaza will be located in the public <br /> right-of-way. He sa i d the expen se of the plaza wi 11 be minimized if <br /> construction of the plaza is coordi nated wi th construction of the EWES <br /> Headquarters Building in FY 88/89. He said the staff recommended tentative <br /> approval of the project scope as well as approval of a public review process <br /> and a schedule for the plaza. The proposed project needs to be referred to the <br /> Budget Committee and Downtown Commission for review. A Wi 11 amet te River <br /> Greenway permit review will also be required. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 28, 1987 Page 5 <br />