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<br />e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Quarterly Process Session <br /> Treehouse Restaurant, 1769 Franklin Boulevard <br /> September 19, 1988 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Cynthia Wooten, Ruth Bascom, Robert Bennett, Freeman <br /> Holmer, Jeff Miller, Emily Schue. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Debra Ehrman, Roger Rutan. <br /> The adjourned meeting of September 14, 1988, of the City Council of Eugene, <br /> Oregon, was called to order by His Honor Mayor Brian B. Obie. <br /> 1. REPORT ON COUNCIL COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS <br /> A. Lane County Local Government Boundary Commission- <br /> Budget Representative <br />e Ms. Bascom reported she had missed the second meeting of the Boundary <br /> Commission Budget Committee. The appointments of Jean Tate and Renee Haake <br /> to the Boundary Commission were announced by Mayor Obie. <br /> B. Council Committee on Future Library Financing <br /> Ms. Bascom said the Council Committee on Future Library Financing was <br /> beginning its work. Mayor Obie added that the committee hopes to bring a <br /> recommendation back to the council that will allow a decision to be reached <br /> this year. <br /> C. Joint Parks Committee <br /> Ms. Bascom told the council she had met with Otto Poticha, Sheila Schwartz, <br /> and Ted Baker on the site of the Maurie Jacobs memorial following last week's <br /> council meeting. A plan will be presented to the council at its October 19 <br /> meeting. <br /> Mayor Obie added that $250,000 is being requested from the State for the <br /> memorial. He anticipated inclusion of the request in the Governor1s budget. <br /> Referring to the long-range plan for parks, Ms. Bascom said she had found the <br /> public hearings interesting. They identified specific concerns, such as the <br /> fact that Westmoreland Community Center is not easily accessible from the <br /> street. <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 19, 1988 Page 1 <br /> Quarterly Process Session <br />