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<br />e Ms. Schue added to Ms. Bascom's comments by saying the parks planning effort <br /> had been a summer project whose results would be brought to the council as a <br /> revised Park Plan. She reported that resolution of the Monroe Park issue <br /> would help address issues such as wading pools and children's activities in <br /> other parks. <br /> D. Tree Beautification Commission <br /> Rich Turtura is the new EWEB representative on the Tree Beautification <br /> Commission. Ms. Bascom said EWEB now contracts out its pruning jobs. Rotary <br /> clubs will have a special project to improve the appearance of 6th and 7th <br /> avenues for the World Veterans Games. The Tree Commission will again staff a <br /> booth at the Eugene Celebration. Ms. Bascom identified the area on <br /> Centennial Boulevard near Autzen Stadium as needing attention. She announced <br /> that the commission is planning a jOint event with Springfield in the <br /> Glenwood area for Arbor Day 1989. Additional effort will focus on the <br /> Willakenzie area, especially Willakenzie School. <br /> Ms. Bascom concluded her report by informing the council that she would have <br /> a page in the voters' pamphlet. <br /> E. Citizen Involvement Committee <br /> Mr. Miller reported that the Citizen Involvement Committee met and outlined <br /> its work program. <br />e F. Community Development Committee <br /> Mr. Miller said the Community Development Committee is reviewing the first <br /> year of funding for the Targeted Business Assistance Program (TBAP). The <br /> committee is attempting to determine which protected classes should be <br /> targeted by the program and how best to benefit those groups. <br /> Responding to Mr. Bennett's comments about setting criteria for program <br /> eligibility and expecting repayment, Mr. Miller said the program was not <br /> intended to be a grant program. <br /> Ms. Schue asked about the committee's inclusion of single heads of household <br /> as a protected class targeted by the program. She wondered if this category <br /> was limited to women. Mr. Miller replied that single female heads of <br /> household have tremendous need and the committee wants to avoid encouraging <br /> protected classes to compete for the limited funds available. <br /> Responding to a point raised by Ms. Wooten, Mr. Miller said the program was <br /> intended for those who do not qualify for a bank loan but offer reasonable <br /> assurance of loan repayment. Ms. Wooten stated that the council had <br /> requested a facet of the program be a minority program at the time it <br /> established the Business Development Fund. If the fund is not competing with <br /> commercial loan opportunities, its loan criteria should be different from <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 19, 1988 Page 2 <br /> Quarterly Process Session <br />