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<br />- those of a bank. She suggested that the council meet with the Loan Advisory <br /> Committee to discuss the council's intent in establishing the loan programs. <br /> Mr. Bennett expressed an interest in further discussion of the loan program. <br /> He understood the loan criteria assumed a substantial amount of risk, but he <br /> cautioned against turning it into a grant program. He did not fully <br /> understand the committee's process for determining the criteria. <br /> Ms. Schue was concerned that the community's perception is that the City's <br /> loan program is as difficult to qualify for as a bank loan. She encouraged <br /> staff to address the public relations aspect of the program. Ms. Schue cited <br /> the OUR Credit Union as an example of an organization that has specialized in <br /> loans to marginal applicants and has had a fair amount of success. <br /> Ms. Wooten reported complaints from loan applicants about the quality of the <br /> technical assistance available in the program. <br /> Mr. Holmer concurred with the concerns expressed by other councilors and he <br /> added that it is important to assure equal access to the program by all <br /> targeted groups. <br /> Mr. Miller observed that the council's comments were similar to those the <br /> committee has received during its review of the program. He emphasized the <br /> program's first year success, but agreed that improvement is needed. He said <br /> the committee is determined to find solutions to the problems identified in <br /> its review. <br />e Mayor Obie asked that a report on the loan programs be scheduled on a future <br /> agenda of the Council Committee on Economic Diversification. <br /> G. Downtown Development District Review Group <br /> Mr. Holmer described the Downtown Development District Review Group as a <br /> ten-member committee that is addressing issues related to the parking program <br /> and the support of Eugene Downtown, Incorporated. He said recommendations <br /> would come to the council. <br /> Mr. Bennett pointed out that he was erroneously listed as a member of the <br /> Downtown District Review Board. <br /> H. Metropolitan Policy Committee <br /> Mr. Holmer reported that the Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC) has adopted <br /> the Goodpasture Island Heronry Report which found the heronry to be <br /> insignificant. The committee is initiating a process that will lead to <br /> renewal of the cable franchise. The MPC has learned that public cable access <br /> activity will be focused at Sheldon High School and Lane Community College <br /> and coordinated through Lane Council of Governments. <br /> Ms. Wooten reported calls about an announcement of the closure of the cable <br /> access center while the proposal to move it is being discussed. She <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 19, 1988 Page 3 <br /> Quarterly Process Session <br />