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<br /> e E. Low-Altitude Flying <br /> Mr. Green announced that he received a letter from a member of the community <br /> who was concerned that a helicopter flying over the Octoberfest celebration <br /> held on September 8 and 9 was flying too low. The letter questioned whether <br /> this flight altitude was in compliance with FAA regulations and stated that <br /> low-altitude flying creates a significant noise disturbance. <br /> F. Illegal Dropping <br /> Mr. Green said that he has received input from the community about possible <br /> illegal dropping in the Golden Garden area. He felt that it would be <br /> beneficial to monitor the situation, even if enforcement was not possible. <br /> G. Tree Cutting <br /> Ms. Ehrman said that some community concern has been expressed about tree <br /> cutting within the city. She acknowledged that at times the only option is <br /> to issue a fine after the trees have been cut. Often rumors of suspected <br /> tree cutting are spread in the project development stage, but developers <br /> choose to cut the trees because the fines are small. She asked for the <br /> council's support on increasing the fine to serve as a stronger deterrent to <br /> tree cutting. Mr. Boles said he fully supports Ms. Ehrman on this issue. <br /> Ms. Bascom said she would take this suggestion to the next Tree Commission <br /> meeting. She noted that this issue is the type the commission is working on <br /> currently, and it will appreciate council interest in this. <br /> e H. Business Representation on City Advisory Committees <br /> Mr. Bennett said that the Citizen Involvement Committee minutes of September <br /> 14 stated that there is a growing concern among community groups about <br /> business representation on City advisory boards. Mr. Boles clarified that <br /> the group in question was established to represent the concerns of both the <br /> University neighborhood and the business community in that area. Members of <br /> the business community who were to be active in the proposed group felt that <br /> they already had adequate representation and were not interested in actively <br /> participating in the group. Responding to these concerns, Mr. Boles <br /> questioned the appropriate arena for the input of business community concerns <br /> into public process. Currently, each neighborhood organization establishes <br /> its own participation standards in its bylaws. Mr. Boles added that no <br /> action has been taken on this issue. <br /> 1. Gateway Shopping Center <br /> Mr. Bennett announced that with the opening of the Gateway Shopping Center, <br /> new traffic patterns have emerged on Harlow Road and in front of Washington <br /> Elementary School. Mr. Bennett asked whether the City is monitoring the <br /> changes in traffic patterns. In response, Mr. Gleason said Harlow Road is <br /> already in the inventory of roads being monitored by the Transportation <br /> Division and he agreed to report Mr. Bennettls concerns. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 11, 1989 Page 2 <br />