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<br />e J. Third Neighborhood Tree Walk <br /> Ms. Bascom announced that 106 participants took part in the third <br /> neighborhood tree walk. She added that community response was enthusiastic <br /> and supportive. <br /> K. Irkutsk Delegation <br /> Ms. Bascom reported that the five official City representatives had been a <br /> successful Irkutsk delegation and had helped people to become more aware of <br /> other cultures and to demonstrate a better understanding of different <br /> cultural backgrounds. <br /> L. Downtown Commission Meeting Minutes <br /> Ms. Bascom requested the minutes of the last Downtown Commission meeting. <br /> She felt that there was some ambiguity about the actions taken, and retrieval <br /> of the minutes might help clarify and summarize what has been decided, <br /> providing some direction for future meetings. <br /> M. Riverfront Research Park <br /> Mr. Sercombe, City Attorney, informed the council that the decision of the <br /> Riverfront Research Park land use appeal case was to affirm the action of the <br /> Planning Commission and the Hearings Official, stating approval of the park <br /> master site plan. He added that this is the last significant land use <br />e approval process--a significant victory. The next phase of the plan is the <br /> land development phase. <br /> II. LEGISLATIVE REPORT <br /> Linda Lynch, Intergovernmental Relations Division, presented the Legislative <br /> Report which provides a general overview of the 1989 Legislative session from <br /> the City's perspective. It includes a discussion of the major areas of <br /> legislative activity and an analysis of the outcomes of bills of interest to <br /> the City. Over 1,000 legislative measures were referred to City staff for <br /> evaluation of their impact on City operations. Of those, 300 were determined <br /> to be of significant importance. <br /> III. CONSIDERATION OF ACTION ON INITIATIVE PETITION CONCERNING CHARTER <br /> AMENDMENT <br /> At the September 27, 1989, council meeting, Mr. Holmer requested that the <br /> council consider action to endorse or oppose the initiative petition for a <br /> charter amendment requiring referral to the voters of urban renewal plans or <br /> plan amendments. Mr. Holmer said that the Neighborhood Leaders voted <br /> unanimously to endorse this petition and recommended that the council do the <br /> same, with some modifications. Mr. Holmer said that both Section 2 and <br /> Section 3 of the measure are unnecessary. Section 2 states that no <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 11, 1989 Page 3 <br />