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<br />e Mr. Kahle said that everyone involved in the Human Rights Program volunteers <br /> their time because of their belief in the importance of human rights, and <br /> that a tenet of the program is a belief in diversity. He said the Human <br /> Rights Task Force has defined the mission of the Human Rights Program as: <br /> IIEnsuring that we respect and reflect cultural and individual diversity; <br /> foster mutual understanding; promote inclusiveness) justice and equity, in <br /> order that everyone have the opportunity to experience the full benefits and <br /> responsibilities of living in Eugene." <br /> ,. <br /> Mr. Kahle said that in view of world events, Eugene appears to be a <br /> "paradisell for human rights) but still aspires to do better in this regard. <br /> He said the human rights commissions have monitored human rights this year as <br /> the Human Rights Task Force has progressed towards defining the City's <br /> interest in human rights in the future. <br /> Mr. Kahle introduced Ms. Barnhart, who has been a member of the Commission on <br /> the Rights of People with Disabilities for three years; has an undergraduate <br /> degree in special education; a master's degree in counseling, and is <br /> currently a case manager for children with developmental disabilities for <br /> Lane County Developmental Disabilities, but would soon be leaving the Human <br /> Rights Program. <br /> Mr. Kahle said Mr. Griffin has been a member of the Commission on the Rights <br /> of Minorities for two and a half years. He said Mr. Griffin is originally <br /> from Detroit and has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in business <br /> administration; is retired from the US Treasury Department, and was recently <br />e appointed to the 4J Budget Committee. <br /> Mr. Kahle said Nancy Dunn has been president of the Commission on the Rights <br /> of Women for two years; has been on the commission for four years; is <br /> vice-president of the Presidents Council; has a bachelor's degree in English; <br /> is cofounder of the Unity School Child Care Center, where she worked for 12 <br /> years, and is co-owner of a recycling business. <br /> Mr. Kahle said Ms. Zwillinger has been on the Commission on the Rights of <br /> Youth for four years; was also on the commission in 1978-1979; has a master's <br /> degree in counseling) and has worked at Looking Glass for 11 years, where she <br /> is project director for the Summer Youth Employment Program and project <br /> coordinator for the Urban Youth Job Corps Project. <br /> Mr. Kahle explained that the accomplishments of the Commission on the Rights <br /> of the Aging include: the passage of legislation to protect citizens from <br /> telephone harassment; the establishment of downtown as a zone free from train <br /> whistles during the night-time hours; cosponsoring forums on crime, housing, <br /> and Social Security; promoting Eugene as a retirement center, and a joint <br /> meeting with the Disabilities Commission to discuss overlapping concerns in <br /> the areas of housing, accessibility, transportation, and health care. <br /> Mr. Kahle said the activities of the Commission on the Rights of People with <br /> Disabilities include: providing consultation to City staff on the location <br /> of curb cuts; the use of CDBG funds to make City buildings more accessible; <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 20, 1989 Page 2 <br /> Dinner/Work Session <br /> - <br />